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June 20, 2011 11:15 ET

Thesys' Summer Hybrid-Learning Program Offered to Orange County High School Students This Summer

Fairmont Preparatory Incorporates Thesys' Model for Powerful Summer Learning

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2011) - Thesys International, a new education business that supports schools with a hybrid online/classroom approach to education, is offering Orange County high school students a hybrid learning-based summer program at Fairmont Preparatory Academy in Anaheim -- one that still allows them ample time for summer fun.

Students with an eye toward college can enhance their opportunities for acceptance by preparing for their upcoming school year during the summer. Taking a class over the summer can help students prepare for rigorous classes, enabling them to earn higher grades during the school year and have greater success at incorporating extracurricular activities without affecting their academic performance -- important factors in the college admissions process. Students entering Honors-level high school courses can prepare for the school year with a corresponding college-prep level course. Those entering AP programs may opt to enroll in a corresponding Honors course. Students have much more power over their own schedules, which involve a combination of independent online coursework and face-to-face classroom time -- a model whose proven outcomes have been noted by the U.S. Department of Education.

"The college admissions process has become increasingly competitive, and students are expected to perform well in and out of the classroom. We're proud to offer high school students the opportunity to use their summer to prepare for the school year and strengthen their chances of being able to attend and succeed in the colleges of their choice," says Rajeshri Gandhi, Dean of Education at Fairmont Preparatory Academy. "With this unique program, students can use the summer time to prepare, without sacrificing their summer vacations."

Fairmont Preparatory Academy's summer program, powered by Thesys International, is an ideal option for high school students who want to prepare for the year ahead and still find time to enjoy their summer vacations. The flexible nature of hybrid learning gives students options that work best for them. Thesys has been recognized in a recent Innosight Institute white paper, "The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning: Profiles of Emerging Models," which examines 40 organizations that are early blended-learning pioneers.

Students can browse the selection of courses and learn more about the Fairmont Preparatory Summer Program at

Thesys International is the newest division of family-owned and -operated Fairmont Education Group, a leading educational provider in Southern California since 1953. It represents the culmination of thought, curricular innovation and evolution of the classroom. The company's hybrid learning model is an enhancement to the traditional classroom -- not a replacement for face-to-face instruction -- that equips teachers to teach a new generation of digitally savvy students.

About Thesys International LLC: Launched in 2010, Thesys International, LLC, is an educational service provider that supports schools with a hybrid online/classroom approach to education. As a division of the Fairmont Education Group, Thesys represents the culmination of thought, curricular innovation and evolution of the classroom Fairmont has supported since 1953. Thesys works alongside educators and provides curricula that works with schools' existing standards and protocols to help students reach their full potential. Thesys International is dedicated to providing high school students the optimal balance of online and in-person learning, making education more relevant for a new generation. For more information about Thesys' turn-key systems and its innovative hybrid education approach, visit, call 714-234-2727 or email

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