May 08, 2017 09:00 ET

ThinAir to Participate in NH-ISAC 2017 Spring Summit

ThinAir will be demoing its latest cybersecurity solution for healthcare during NH-ISAC's Grand Rounds

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - May 8, 2017) - ThinAir, a leading provider of information visibility and intelligence solutions, announced plans to participate in the upcoming National Health-ISAC (NH-ISAC) 2017 Spring Summit at Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. The conference, which will take place from May 8-10, brings together IT and Security leaders from healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical and information organizations to discuss the latest trends in cybersecurity.

On May 9, ThinAir (booth #2) will be participating in the NH-ISAC Grand Rounds, where attendees will be given an opportunity to learn how ThinAir can discover, identify and investigate data breaches in less than 90 seconds. After the presentation, attendees will be given the chance to participate in a Q&A with ThinAir, to learn how healthcare providers can quickly identify and mitigate the impact of a data breach.

"We entrust healthcare providers with our most sensitive information, and because of this, the industry has been plagued with insider threats and cyberattacks. To make matters worse, the rise of ransomware has put many providers in the uncomfortable position of having to pay to regain access to critical information, further perpetuating attacks targeted at the healthcare sector," said Tony Gauda, CEO of ThinAir. "Until healthcare organizations obtain complete visibility of their most sensitive data, IT teams will be left fighting an uphill battle, and can expect cyberattacks to continue."

ThinAir is the digital equivalent of an HD video camera that helps organizations unobtrusively detect and investigate information leaks. It continuously records all activity and gives you an information chain of custody. ThinAir empowers healthcare provider and business associate IT and IS teams with unprecedented simplicity of data-loss search, investigation and tracking.

To learn more about ThinAir, drop by booth #2 at NH-ISAC 2017, or visit:

About ThinAir:

ThinAir helps gain complete visibility and intelligence to answer sophisticated questions about information creation, consumption and communication. ThinAir helps investigate, assess and monitor critical data within seconds, not days or months. This allows customers to reduce the time to identify and respond to a breach, lowering organization's cost of breach and improving their security posture. To learn more and schedule a demo, visit

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