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March 16, 2010 10:26 ET

ThinkFirst Canada – Be Brain Aware!

Attention: Assignment Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO/ON--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) - Chris Parker is a brain injury survivor, who shares his experience with teens in hard-hitting presentations. "Nothing is the same after a brain injury," he says. "Relearning how to walk, how to do all those daily things you take for granted - it's hard."

During his presentations Parker recounts first-hand the events leading to his injury, their consequences and lasting effects. He's a VIP (voice of injury prevention) for ThinkFirst Canada, a national charitable organization dedicated to preventing brain and spinal cord injury.

Injury is the leading killer of Canadian children and youth and more than half of these deaths are from traumatic brain injury. "The engrained notion that 'accidents just happen' is one contributor to this invisible epidemic" says Rebecca Nesdale-Tucker, executive director of ThinkFirst Canada. "As long as people feel that it's fate rather than risk that causes injury, young people, families and communities will continue to suffer."

Research shows that up to 90% of injuries are both predictable and preventable. Protection can be as easy as wearing a properly fitted helmet. For example the use of bike helmets- mandatory for children and youth in most of Canada - can reduce brain injury by up to 88% when worn properly.

"Injury prevention costs little compared to the cost to our health and social systems," says Dr. Charles Tator, neurosurgeon and founder of ThinkFirst Canada. "For every dollar invested in a helmet, we save 30 dollars in social costs. It comes down to this: injury prevention isn't brain surgery. Prevention really is the only cure."

"At ThinkFirst we advocate for healthy active lifestyles - we don't want kids hibernating. We just want to see them getting trained, wearing the gear, and using wisdom to navigate risks," says Nesdale-Tucker.

ThinkFirst offers TD ThinkFirst for Kids, a school based program for elementary students. The ThinkFirst injury prevention message is also promoted through VIP presentations, sport programs and concussion education. To learn more visit

ThinkFirst Canada is a national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing brain and spinal cord injury. Founded in 1992 by renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Charles Tator, ThinkFirst Canada continues to be an injury prevention leader encouraging children and youth and those who care about them to be active and safe. ThinkFirst advocates for proven injury prevention strategies including helmet use. At the heart of ThinkFirst Canada are 19 Chapters that stretch across the country. ThinkFirst's injury prevention message is promoted through TD ThinkFirst for Kids, sport programs, schools, community presentations, concussion education and with the help of VIPs (Voices for Injury Prevention), a dedicated group of injury survivors who share the message that prevention is the only cure. ThinkFirst Canada has created new fact sheets to help kids and parents prevent injury during numerous sport and recreational activities. To download safe sport tips, including a new hockey fact sheet, and to learn more visit
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