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RedEye networked universal remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - ThinkFlood, Inc

May 18, 2010 10:01 ET

ThinkFlood and Autco Partner to Sell RedEye Remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in Midwestern US

WALTHAM, MA and ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) -  ThinkFlood (, maker of RedEye remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and Autco (, the leading consumer electronics and appliances supplier for Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and southern Illinois, today announced a strategic distribution partnership to address consumer and reseller demand for RedEye remotes in the US.

Autco is the second regional US distributor of ThinkFlood's RedEye remotes, products that turn the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into networked universal remotes, offering high-end functionality at an affordable price.

Using an Apple iDevice instead of a traditional remote, RedEye and RedEye mini users can operate anything controlled by infrared signals -- TVs, DVRs, cable and satellite receivers, DVD and Blu-ray players, game consoles, stereos, and more.

"Dedicated controllers are on their way out; people want to control things using hardware they already carry, like a mobile phone or MP3 player," said Autco President and partner Bruce Dole. "With RedEye products, you can use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad instead of a traditional remote. We are certain that our resellers and their customers will happily replace their old remotes with a RedEye system."

"This partnership represents an opportunity to grow the RedEye brand through Autco's extensive network of dealers and custom installers in the Midwest," said ThinkFlood founder and Vice President of Operations Adam Shapiro. "Apple gadget nuts already know about RedEye remotes, but Autco and its resellers will make a big impact when it comes to attracting customers who aren't reading the technology blogs."

Autco offers specialty electronics and appliances from Access OEM, Crosley, Hitachi, iSymphony, Jamo, JVC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Perfect Path, Pioneer, RedEye, Sanus, Sharp, Sherwood, Sirius, Soundcast, TiVo, UltraPower, Vanco, Welton and others.

About ThinkFlood
ThinkFlood ( designs and develops networked remote control hardware and software. Its first commercial application, RedEye, turns the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into a personal remote that allows control of virtually any home entertainment device from any room in the home. RedEye mini offers a similar level of control in a low-cost, portable form. All RedEye networked universal remotes offer features and functionality previously available only in remotes costing several times as much. Founded in 2007, ThinkFlood is a privately held company headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Sign up for ThinkFlood's RedEye newsletter at

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About Autco
Autco ( is the leading consumer electronics and appliances supplier for Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and western Illinois. This year Autco celebrates its 40th anniversary in diversified specialty electronics and appliances. Autco is headquartered in St. Louis, with offices in Kansas City and Wichita.

Autco has five individually staffed sales divisions that focus on meeting the needs of dealers and their customers: Consumer Electronics (Home and Car), Consumer Appliances, St. Louis Homebuilders Services, Automotive Expediter Services, Premium Incentive Markets and Institutional Sales.

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