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August 13, 2007 17:54 ET

ThinkGeek Unveils Top Tech Gifts for 2007 Holiday Shopping Season

Annual List Includes Hot New Gadgets and Perennially Popular Gizmos

FAIRFAX, VA--(Marketwire - August 13, 2007) - ThinkGeek, Inc. (, the online retail hub for technology enthusiasts, today unveiled a list of high-tech gadgets expected to be at the top of geeks' wish lists during the 2007 holiday shopping season. ThinkGeek assembles data from the previous selling year and conducts a wide range of formal and informal marketing surveys to produce the well-known, eagerly-anticipated list.

"We're excited about the upcoming holiday retail season and believe these products will emerge as some of ThinkGeek's top sellers," said Caroline Offutt, general manager, ThinkGeek.

Among the expected hot products is Clocky ($49.99), a small, wheeled alarm clock that shrieks annoyingly and races around the room, forcing the just-awakened to catch it before they can silence it. Other products expected to be popular leading up to and following Black Friday include:

--  Screaming Monkey Slingshot ($6.99).  A cross between Stretch
    Armstrong, the flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz" and that old wrist-
    rocket you used to terrorize the neighbor's cat as a kid.  Not only does
    the masked monkey fly like the wind, but he lets out a scream that would
    make Tarzan jealous as he does it.
--  LED Blow On-Off Candles ($9.99).  Rather than a flame, these 100% wax
    candles have a flickering LED bulb, and turn on or off by blowing.  A
    switch on the bottom allows either yellow (natural) light or blue light.
--  Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver ($14.99).  Straight from the set
    (seriously, the producers of the new series used it as a prop model),
    recipients can use the regular end of the screwdriver-looking pen to write
    shopping lists and the UV ink end to map out their secret plans.  The
    screwdriver's ultraviolet light renders the invisible inked plans readable.
--  Shock Ball ($14.99).  It's a different game of hot potato when this
    ball delivers random electrical shocks to the players.
--  USB Drink Chiller & Warmer ($19.99).  Some like their coffee hot, some
    like it chilled.  Plug this bi-temporal hot plate into your PC, and it's
    just a flip of a switch between steaming espresso and frothy frappacino.
--  LED Faucet Lights ($19.99).  Attached to the end of a faucet, these
    LEDs perform Disney-like magic, illuminating the stream with a blue hue
    that turns red when the water temperature hits 89 degrees F.
--  8-Bit Tie ($19.99).  It wasn't always a world of hi-def.  This stylish
    clip-on tie is custom-designed to resemble the pixilated graphics of
    computers from years gone by.
--  LED Umbrella ($24.99).  It was a dark and stormy night...luckily, the
    push of a button lights up the shaft of this umbrella, making recipients
    more visible to cars and instant owners of the coolest umbrella on the
--  Palmsize R/C Helicopter ($29.99).  Mini-copters that can take off from
    the palm of your hand, circle your desk or lounge chair and leave your
    friends and co-workers amazed at your newfound flying skills.  Whirlybirds
    not your thing?  ThinkGeek also offers the 10-gram Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C
    Airplane ($39.99).
--  Bluetooth Retro Handset ($34.99).  This is the headset Ernestine would
    use if she were at the switchboard today.
--  ION USB Turntable ($99.99).  Rip stacks of old 33rpm vinyl records
    into iPod-friendly MP3 files by plugging this turntable into your PC's USB
    port.  And while you're at it, why not use the ION USB Cassette Deck
    ($149.99) to do the same to your collection of '80s hair band tapes?
--  35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter ($99.99).  Bring your old 35mm
    photos and slides into the digital age with this handy film scanner.
    Simply pop your 35mm negatives into the slot and turn them into digital
    photos in moments.
--  Cell Phone Watch ($199.99).  Strap this fully functional cell phone to
    your wrist and talk to your friends "Dick Tracy" style.  Put your existing
    cell phone sim card from your iPhone (or other GSM phone) into the Cell
    Phone Wristwatch and it becomes your phone with the same phone number you
    currently use.
--  LED Art Fan ($389.99).  The coolest fan in the room emits cool breezes
    and even cooler images thanks to 42 LEDs mounted on the blades.  Five
    megabytes of memory holds up to 128 individual images that recipients can

Consistently rated one of the top e-tailers in the world, is known for offering fresh, quirky and unique products. Every product available at ThinkGeek has been tested by an expert staff of merchandisers.

Professional, high-resolution photographs of ThinkGeek products are available upon request.

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