North American New Humanist Forum

North American New Humanist Forum

November 06, 2007 07:30 ET

Thinking Beyond Borders: First North American New Humanist Forum

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Nov. 6, 2007) - What values does North America stand for today? A continent where freedom, democracy and equal opportunities for all are proudly defended by our leaders?

No! Today this aspiration has been pushed aside. Over the last years, North American governments have been more concerned with tightening security at the borders than with opening dialogue with other countries and cultures. It's growing more and more difficult for people to travel and migrate to another country within the region, and the Mexican people suffer the worst of this, while goods move more and more freely.

Our leaders have become more interested in military "security" and military spending than in listening to the voice of the people, whether at the ballot box or on the street. People want real security - that is, quality healthcare, gainful employment, real opportunities, and for non-violence to be given a chance. And yet, even with hundred of thousands of North Americans saying No! to war, Canada's leaders still commit the country to war in Afghanistan, U.S. leaders sent more troops to Iraq and even talk of attacking Iran, raising the danger of a catastrophic nuclear escalation.

Chris Wells, spokesperson of the North American New Humanist Forum (NANFH) says, "The Forum is real democracy in action. In response to the growing crisis, it is urgent that the people of our region become protagonists in a process of humanizing our institutions and social and economic structures. To humanize is to value the human being above all else, with a commitment to overcome all forms of violence and discrimination, recognizing that progress for the few ends up being progress for no one. This is the meaning and the mission of humanism in these times."


On November 16-18, 2007, in New York City, the North American New Humanist Forum will bring together educational institutions, community-based organizations, activists, students, teachers and concerned citizens from Mexico, USA and Canada and address the urgent issues facing our region.

Special Event

Saturday November 17, the US premiere of renowned Mexican filmmaker Luis Mandoki's new documentary, "FRAUDE: Mexico 2006". FRAUDE was originally to be distributed by Warner Bros. Distribution, but Warner Bros later dropped it out of fear of the controversy it would create.

Special Guests

Tomas Hirsch was the 2006 Chilean Presidential candidate for "Juntos Podemos Mas", the broadest left-wing alliance since the time of Salvador Allende. He surprised observers of all stripes by receiving more than a half a million votes and forcing a second round of voting.

Anti-war activist Daniel Berrigan has been engaged in numerous non-violent actions against war over the past 40 years. Also in attendance will be Chief Raphael Picard, Pessamit Innu from Northern Quebec, and the Honorable Ambassador Ramon Xilotl Ramirez, Consul General of Mexico in New York.

The NANHF is sponsored by the Center of Cultures from New York, Canada and Mexico, The Community for Human Development and Hunter College School of Social Work in New York.

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