ThinkOn Inc.

ThinkOn Inc.

June 25, 2013 14:48 ET

ThinkOn Launches Canada's First Virtual Data Centre

New Cloud-Based Solution Keeps Data in Canada, Offers Pay-for-Use Model; Built On Hitachi Data Systems Solutions; Compugen First to Resell

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 25, 2013) - ThinkOn Inc., a Canadian provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, today launched its new Virtual Data Centre Infrastructure solution, the first virtual data centre in Canada. ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre is a cloud-based service built on enterprise-class technologies and infrastructure. It provides an "always on" architecture that helps companies reduce infrastructure costs, increase efficiency, and avoid legal and performance issues that might arise when outsourcing to U.S.-based cloud providers.

"Discussions about how the activities of Canadian organizations that interact with U.S.-based servers are being monitored continue to take centre stage. Canadian organizations need to know where their data is, and the simplest way to protect it is to maintain sovereignty by keeping it in Canada," says Craig McLellan, Founder and CEO at ThinkOn. "With ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre, our clients can rest assured that 100 per cent of their data remains in Canada at all times and is available as and when it's needed."

ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre Infrastructure solution lets customers create their own virtual data centre with any combination of required compute, storage, and network resources, and enables them to use those resources to provision as many servers, appliances, or data stores as their business needs. Customers can drag and drop pre-configured servers, firewalls, and data stores from ThinkOn's service catalog or use their existing software licenses and directly optimize their configuration.

"The Canadian market will benefit by having more cloud services offered in-country. Due to our reticence to subscribe to cloud services outside Canada, we have fallen far behind the U.S. in our use of cloud, and subsequently hampered business agility," says David Senf, Vice President, Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions Group, IDC Canada. "Moreover, Canadian channel partners are clamouring for new revenue sources like cloud. Opportunities to resell cloud services are attractive with growth rates at seven times the traditional IT market."

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

With ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre Infrastructure solution, customers pay only for resources (compute, storage and network), not a set number of servers, and only when they need them. By moving to virtualized resource allocations, customers can dynamically assign resources to applications on demand and align resources to business needs without the guesswork and delays of a traditional server model.

"Our SLA (service-level agreement) guarantees 100 per cent availability like a tier 4 data centre but without the cost of expensive infrastructure," adds McLellan.

Powered by Enterprise-class Technologies

Designed to enable the rapid provisioning and deployment of customized virtual data centres, ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre infrastructure solution is a combination of industry-leading enterprise technologies and state-of-the-art orchestration software developed by ThinkOn. The solution features Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) and the company's object store Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

"Hitachi Data Systems delivers the most integrated set of storage and computing resources, providing elastic, virtualized and highly available cloud environments for all data," says Peter Kriparos, Regional Manager, Canadian Channels and Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems. "Our cloud solutions enable IT service providers to grow their business by combining our proven, cloud-ready platforms with advanced cloud services to address the business challenges faced by their customers. We are honoured to be part of ThinkOn's innovative solution."

ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre also supports all major backup tools including most of the advanced functionality contained in add-on agents.

Compugen First to Offer Solutions Built on ThinkOn Virtual Data Centre

Compugen is the first IT services provider in Canada to offer Virtual Data Centre solutions built on ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre. Compugen customers are given access to their own compute, storage and network resources, which can then be configured according to their own unique needs. Resources are available for redeployment as the customer's needs change. Compugen will be embedding this infrastructure as part of its managed services offerings.

"ThinkOn's Virtual Data Centre Infrastructure solution enables us to deliver the ultimate in flexible computing infrastructure," says Harry Zarek, President and CEO, Compugen Inc. "The self-service provisioning portal makes it incredibly easy for our customers to manage their own infrastructure, or have Compugen manage virtual data centre applications for them as part of a managed services initiative."

About ThinkOn Inc.

With operations across Canada, ThinkOn provides a secure, fast, and scalable way to host enterprise applications, big data, and disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS). ThinkOn is the first Canadian provider to focus exclusively on Virtual Data Centre solutions and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). The company was founded by Craig McLellan, former CTO of US-based, and is headquartered in downtown Toronto. More information can be found at:

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