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October 14, 2008 07:28 ET

Third Version of CaseCentral's On-Demand eDiscovery Review Platform Enables Legal Teams to Simplify and Take Control of eDiscovery

New Release Enables Repeatable, Defensible and Measurable eDiscovery Processes, With Enterprise-Class Security, for a Single Case or Across Multiple Cases and Law Firms; Industry-First Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard With Process Analytics Enables Quantitative Cost, Quality and Risk Measurement

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2008) - CaseCentral, the leader in secure, on-demand eDiscovery software for corporate counsel and law firms to simplify and take control of eDiscovery, today announced the general availability of the third version of the CaseCentral eDiscovery review platform, which is the first multi-case, multi-party eDiscovery review platform with process analytics. This release enables repeatable, defensible and measurable eDiscovery processes on one case or multiple cases, across any number of law firms and other parties, and delivers the first integrated Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard with process analytics which monitors all cases, measures all reviewers and provides law firm statistics across matters. Coupled with CaseCentral's new enterprise pricing model, this release enables legal and IT teams to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risks of eDiscovery matters, increase quality and efficiency, leverage prior work product and protects documents even after production through a simple on-demand software model that means no additional capital or maintenance costs.

"From our interviews with corporate counsels and law firms, there is a real need to break from the traditional, costly approach focused on a single matter and instead build a repeatable, measurable and cost-efficient eDiscovery process," said George Socha Jr., Esq., founder of Socha Consulting. "CaseCentral is well positioned to provide products that can support these new approaches."

CaseCentral™ and CaseCentral Enterprise™ Products

CaseCentral is the industry's only integrated, on-demand collection, processing, review, analysis and production application that can seamlessly migrate from a single case to multiple cases, matters and parties. Under a unified technology architecture, CaseCentral's on-demand eDiscovery products, CaseCentral and CaseCentral Enterprise, enable customers to put in place repeatable, defensible and measurable eDiscovery processes across cases, law firms and reviewers, regardless of location or size. Through the newly-available Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard with process analytics, corporate counsel and law firms are now able to manage their litigation as a business and optimize the corporate eDiscovery supply chain. In addition, CaseCentral continues to deliver enterprise-class disaster recovery and security in the application, network and facilities.

CaseCentral's full-featured eDiscovery review platform includes:
-- Unified technology architecture and centralized matter management for:
   -- Single cases and events
   -- Multi-case, multi-party processes
-- Reference libraries - Retention of previous work product for research
   and re-use
-- Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard with process analytics
   -- Monitor eDiscovery activity for case status from one case to
      multiple cases.
   -- Measure efficiency (review time), effectiveness (review quality)
      and cost (per document, per case, per law firm) across one or
      multiple cases and law firms down to the reviewer level, including
      actual vs. estimated. Industry-first capability enables quantitative
      eDiscovery measurement for successful resource governance and cost
   -- Sophisticated process analytics - Provide insight into costs,
      trends and efficiencies. This information is critical for firm or
      resource selection, budgeting and early case assessment.

-- Data analytics (Boolean search, concept search, near-dupe, email
   thread analysis). Provides customers with multiple tools with which to
   expedite and streamline the review process, the most expensive step
   in eDiscovery.
   -- Integrated concept and Boolean search - Inspect large volumes of
      documents and emails using extensive search capabilities, such as
      Boolean, concept, fuzzy, proximity and phonetic searches in a
      single, intuitive interface.
   -- Review related documents and emails - Quickly review related
      documents and emails via near-duplication, email thread analysis or
      concept identification. Increase reviewer efficiency by reviewing
      and coding documents side-by-side or only review the differences
      between documents in a simple, powerful interface.
   -- Gain a more complete understanding of case data in less time -
      Integrated review capabilities lead to reduced review costs, early
      case analysis and faster overall case resolution.

-- Customizable Document Viewer - Provides the ability to configure a
   reviewer's environment to maximize efficiency. Configure the review
   pane so users have any combination of metadata, coding sheet and the
   document open on one screen or across dual-monitors. Support image,
   native or html review equally.

-- CaseCentral Process Manager - Allows administrators to configure a
   litigation process template, assign user roles, privileges and security
   parameters. This process can then be repeated with every new matter,
   reducing administrative overhead and errors and delivering user
   auditability. This automated approach enables eDiscovery to be managed
   as a collaborative, multi-case, multi-party and repeatable process
   rather than a reactive, one-off event.
   -- Document assignment - Assignment to reviewers is simplified, and
      assigned documents automatically appear as links on reviewers' home
      pages, simplifying their work and reducing time spent not reviewing
   -- eDiscovery Process Accelerators - Leverage best practices and provide
      completed templates for your case. Select a template to get up and
      running immediately on your new matter.

-- Automated workflow - Enables documents to flow from one review phase
   to the next, allowing teams to work real-time and in parallel. Documents
   can be production-ready within an hour of starting review. This speeds
   review, increases efficiency and eliminates administrative overhead.

-- Availability of past document treatment - Ensures consistency, even
   across near-duplicates, and speeds review. Eliminates inconsistent
   coding within a matter or across matters to avoid inadvertent
   productions and provides real-time monitoring of reviewer conflicts.

-- Compound and Embedded Document Support - Restores all files embedded
   in compound documents, including PST files. As documents are indexed,
   embedded files are extracted, and image-conversion is completed across
   hundreds of files types so that reviewers and attorneys can search and
   find documents regardless of how they are stored. Audit reports and
   full quality-control metrics are made available throughout the process.

-- Integrated Information Rights Management (IRM) - Capabilities for
   additional protection post-production, which is especially valuable
   for highly sensitive data.

-- EDRM XML Compliance - Ensures data transfer from other eDiscovery
   applications or providers to CaseCentral.


CaseCentral puts customers in control of the eDiscovery process by improving quality, efficiency and predictability, while reducing cost, risk and time.

The CaseCentral eDiscovery review platform enables customers to succeed with a single case and as new cases arise, customers may seamlessly migrate to multi-case, multi-party, repeatable eDiscovery processes on the same software platform. CaseCentral enables early case assessments, provides defensible review and analysis and unprecedented measurability of eDiscovery processes, making preparations for 26(a) initial disclosures, 26(f) meet and confer and Rule 502 easier than ever.

The on-demand delivery model means rapid implementation and time to value with no additional capital or maintenance expenditures.

--  Document Preservation and Collection is simplified because only new
    evidence needs to be added to the review process. Collect and preserve
    once, use over and over again.
--  Document Processing is industry-leading, enabling documents to be
    culled, de-duped and near-duped in ways that lower the volume of documents
    that need to be reviewed by as much as 70 percent.
--  Document Review and Analysis is powered by a sophisticated workflow
    engine based on more than 14 years of experience and collaboration with
    leading litigators. Reviewer efficiency can be increased by up to 300
    percent, enabling reviewers that once averaged 500 documents/per day to
    review thousands.
--  Production time is slashed, enabling worry-free meeting of eDiscovery
    deadlines, and dramatically reducing the risk of court imposed fines or
    sanctions, or damaged relationships with regulators.

Predictable Pricing

The eDiscovery industry has traditionally marketed its services based on a per Gigabyte pricing approach. CaseCentral is leading the industry by offering a predictable, enterprise software pricing model based on licenses and/or "seats" that practically eliminates Gigabyte, volume-based, cost spikes and allows for predictable budgeting of litigation expenses.

"CaseCentral is leading the eDiscovery market into the 21st Century, enabling corporations and law firms to apply repeatable, defensible and measurable eDiscovery processes for a single case or across multiple cases and multiple parties," said Steve d'Alencon, Chief Marketing Officer, CaseCentral. "The market introduction of the Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard with process analytics means that every dollar spent with CaseCentral is an investment in a long-term, repeatable eDiscovery solution, not a one-off expense."

CaseCentral's on-demand service has been used by more than 25 of the Fortune 100 and more than 82 of the AmLaw 100.

About CaseCentral

Founded in 1994, CaseCentral is the leader in secure, on-demand eDiscovery software for corporate counsel and law firms to simplify and take control of eDiscovery. CaseCentral enables repeatable, defensible and measurable eDiscovery processes that significantly reduce cost, risk and time. CaseCentral is the first to deliver an Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard with process analytics, providing real-time insight into review rates, quality rates and costs per document by case, firm or user. The CaseCentral eDiscovery review platform enables customers to succeed with a single case and seamlessly migrate to multi-case, multi-party, repeatable eDiscovery processes on the same software platform. CaseCentral is used by more than 25 of the Fortune 100 and more than 82 of the AmLaw 100. For more information, call 1.800.714.2727 or visit

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