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EPIC Corporation

March 25, 2014 09:15 ET

This Is EPIC's Breakout Year

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 25, 2014) - EPIC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) ("EPIC"), and Ronald S. Tucker, EPIC's president, announced "this will be EPIC's breakout year!"

"This is the third year of EPIC's start up healthcare business," said Mr. Tucker. "During this year we believe EPIC will accomplish the following:

  • Establishment of new branding under the registered trade-name of AcuFAB®;
  • The formalization of joint venture distribution companies, and the engagement of independent individuals as consultant's and manufacturer's representatives;
  • The rollout of new products and rejuvenation of EPIC's base products;
  • The concentration on three existing large market segments, consumer health, home healthcare and medical healthcare, with one of a kind proprietary fabric used to produce products accepted and endorsed by consumers and healthcare professionals; and
  • Establish distribution to OEM's, consumers through general and specialty websites, and the establishment of distribution through distributors and medical supply companies."

EPIC will accomplish the above due to the following facts:

  • EPIC is now in negotiations with several independent companies to expand our product line and to provide additional production, distribution and sales of our products;
  • AcuFAB® is a registered Trademark;
  • AcuFAB® is a unique and proprietary industrial and Medical fabric;
  • AcuFAB® is a Spacer Fabrics. Learn about Spacer Fabrics by downloading the following documents;  
  • AcuFAB® is one of a kind spacer fabric because of its design and architecture;
  • AcuFAB® can be produced into billion dollar consumer and healthcare markets and market segments;
  • The markets and market segments already exist;
  • AcuFAB® really works in ways that no other competing products can. For testimonial of two products go to and;
  • There are no other products in AcuFAB's market segments like it.
  • EPIC requires no capital outlay for machinery, equipment or factory overhead.
  • EPIC only major cost is a single fabric which is the basic material for many products.
  • The textile mill that produces AcuFAB® can produce 18,000 lineal yards per week, per machine and they have several machines.

About EPIC

EPIC's primary interest in negotiating strategic relationships and/or joint ventures is to provide a return to investors. In other words, EPIC is interested in doing deals that add value for shareholders.

"EPIC, for more than 10 years, has been a private special purpose financial services company with a trading security," said Mr. Tucker. "EPIC's objective is to provide its investors with capital growth and return of capital through the corporate, business and financial development of EPIC and its strategic relationships and joint ventures."

EPIC defines revenue as capital and revenue growth as capital growth. Epic, based on its primary purpose, has obtained sustainable growth of capital with limited but efficient use of capital. Porter Stansberry wrote, "[When] a business reaches a certain level of capital efficiency, the shares will soar over the long run... The incredible thing is... no matter how big or small the company is -- its shares almost always soar over the long term."

EPIC's management believes EPIC's stock is positioned to soar.

EPIC is a private special purpose financial services company with a focus on healthcare and medical products and service companies. Visit for corporate information and for investor and financial information.

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