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September 24, 2014 08:00 ET

THIS TECHNOLOGY Debuts Congruity™ Intelligent Signal Processor to Address SCTE-35 Signal Disparity

Standardizes the Hundreds of SCTE-35 Signals That MVPDs Receive During Content Ingest Across Platforms, Ensuring Conformity and Consistency to Downstream Systems

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2014) - THIS TECHNOLOGY, a leading provider of dynamic ad insertion and alternate content software, today announced Congruity™ Intelligent Signal Processor (iSP™) for efficient management of SCTE-35 cues across all delivery platforms. The latest addition to THIS TECHNOLOGY's portfolio is cloud-based software that normalizes the wide variances of SCTE-35 messages MVPDs receive from programmers.

The SCTE-35 standard was developed to support the splicing of transport streams for the purpose of insertion, including advertising and other content types. However, the variances in usage of SCTE-35 messages has exceeded the standard. This is largely due to usage for advertising, regionalization and measurement across both adaptive bit rate and digital TV, for video on demand, cloud-based DVR and linear viewing. Every programmer uses SCTE-35 differently, requiring MVPDs to standardize the messages for their internal infrastructure.

"As programmers enable the next generation of television, consistent practice for SCTE-35 formatting is lacking, which challenges MVPDs who have to adjust for this disparity," said Denise MacDonell, vice president of product management and marketing for THIS TECHNOLOGY. "THIS TECHNOLOGY'S unparalleled deployment experience affords us the opportunity to envision and engineer products like Congruity, ultimately ensuring our customers efficiently solve for inconsistent approaches to content ingest."

As with all THIS TECHNOLOGY products, Congruity delivers and supports unprecedented scale. The software enables a consistent way to normalize all incoming SCTE-35 messages as video enters the MVPD distribution infrastructure. Congruity provides a significant advantage to MVPDs when they are managing large numbers of network source feeds, each of which contain SCTE-35 signals that must be processed.

Key features of Congruity include:

  • Signal processing. Supports linear signal processing and management, enables user-defined transforms to be applied to all source feeds from individual programmers, includes support for ESAM I03 and SCTE-35 2013a and provides transformation adaptation functionality.
  • Configuration and provisioning. Includes a web-based user interface that gives full control and customization of the system, including network and source feed configuration management, and transform management.
  • Data storage. Contains an auditable database that supports Congruity and corresponding modules, and includes a centralized data store that enables flexible management of all functions.

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THIS TECHNOLOGY, Inc. provides dynamic ad insertion and alternate content delivery products that help MVPDs and programming networks monetize and easily place content on any screen. These platforms seamlessly connect video operations and advertising architectures for real-time communication about content and advertising availability. This streamlines the process of serving both local and national content and ads to consumers across VOD, network DVR, IPTV, TV Everywhere and mobile devices. THIS TECHNOLOGY has raised financing from General Catalyst Partners and counts Comcast, Verizon, NBCUniversal and ABC among its customers. It is based in Denver, with offices in New York City and Beijing. For more information, visit

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