December 08, 2010 03:55 ET

This Winter's Must-Have Heating Solution-An Electric Fire

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2010) - With the onset of winter in the UK, adequate household heating is once again become a priority for homeowners. With a wide range of options available to consumers, electric fireplaces are a great and practical solution for indoor heating.

Standing heaters and heated blankets support the under floor heating systems in many homes, but these aren't always the most stylish home electronics. Electric fireplaces provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to regular heaters.

With such a wide selection of electric fires available from Kays, it is easy to find something to suit any house's style or ambience. With finishes ranging from light to dark and even metallic, homeowners are sure to find something to complement their home's interior styling. These electric fireplaces provide ample heating, but more importantly are very easy to install and require little maintenance or ventilation.

Constructed from steel, glass, wood, plastic and stone, electric fireplaces are available in two main categories, wall mounted and freestanding. Many of the models also come equipped with a remote control for added convenience and gratification for gadget lovers. Electric fires are also safer and healthier to operate indoors, as they emit less smoke than traditional fireplaces, without sacrificing the comforting ambience a log fire provides.

Besides the more obvious advantages, such as the lounge never smelling of smoke, these electric fireplaces can help enhance interior aesthetics. They fulfil more than just the practical role of providing heating, these electric fire suites also act as design features in many homes. Electric fires' design and high quality craftsmanship means that these units offer much more than a simple heating solution.

There are many affordable options available for electric fireplace from Kays. With prices ranging from £89 to £1,000, there truly is something for every budget. Homeowners can add a truly unique and eye catching electric fireplace to their lounge this winter without depleting the DIY budget.

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