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October 09, 2012 09:12 ET

Thismoment Unveils New Version of Cloud-Based Platform for Dynamic Brand Experiences

Distributed Engagement Channel 4 Helps Brand Marketers Create, Distribute and Measure Dynamic Interactive Brand Experiences Across Sites and Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) - Marketers today are challenged to reach and engage customers in any location, at any time, on any device, and to do so in a way that is increasingly personal and relevant. To help brand marketers meet this challenge, cloud-software provider Thismoment is releasing a new version of its flagship product Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC).

DEC 4 is the most comprehensive brand marketing platform, enabling marketers to create, distribute, and measure interactive brand experiences that dynamically render across multiple sites and devices while taking into account individual user attributes. With DEC 4, marketers can develop rich, highly differentiated, socially-enabled programs that users can access everywhere -- on the Web, on leading social networks including Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, through rich media ad units, and even through digital outdoor -- with optimization for desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Building on Thismoment's heritage of innovation, DEC 4 includes many cutting-edge features. Among the most powerful is support for publishing to both the Facebook Timeline and the recently introduced Twitter Cards, increasing brand reach and enabling users to engage with rich experiences directly within the news feeds of their favorite social network. DEC 4 also includes advanced integration with Facebook's Open Graph API, so that interactions can automatically generate user stories that can be promoted organically or through paid media as Facebook Sponsored Stories. Enhanced social media management tools, more powerful analytics, and stronger support for global programs round out the DEC 4 offering.

DEC 4: New Features that Deliver Benefits for Marketers

Create and Distribute Powerful, Dynamic, Engaging Brand Experiences
With DEC 4, brands can create the most innovative, beautiful and engaging online brand experiences. Those brand experiences can then be distributed across web and social properties and made available for mobile devices and tablets. Key engagement tools include multimedia theaters, engagement modules, a user generated content engine, live event support and integrated social conversation management. Interactive video theaters and image galleries can now be built once and embedded on Facebook Timelines, within YouTube brand channels, Twitter cards, and even as rich media advertisements on ad networks. All this enables brands to deliver a consistent experience across the globe, on web sites, social networks, mobile and tablet devices, and via digital outdoor installations.

Engage Customers with Powerful Social and Community Management
With DEC 4, brand marketers have more powerful user and social account management options, collaborative workflow capabilities, and the ability to track and analyze sentiment on social media conversations. New social engagement features include the ability to embed DEC multimedia directly into Facebook Timelines and Twitter cards, use pre-approved multimedia theaters on YouTube Brand Channels, Facebook Event RSVP Modules, and integration with the Facebook Open Graph. The Facebook Open Graph enables user interactions within channels to publish back to Facebook timelines, tickers, and newsfeeds, going beyond just "likes" -- through Thismoment DEC, brands can publish content upon which fans "watch," "vote," "rate" and "comment," with more actions coming soon. DEC 4's revamped Community Manager simplifies the process of managing a brand's social presence globally, across multiple social networks simultaneously.

Measure Brand Reach across All Touch points
Dynamically measuring brand performance across multiple sites and social channels can be extremely challenging. DEC 4 features new dashboards, Integrated Facebook Insights, and new HTML5 data graphs, providing brand marketers the powerful analytics and reporting capabilities they need to succeed in today's competitive market. Top performing content, social sharing, and overall campaign performance can be easily measured, both in the aggregate as well as by distribution point, region, module or page.

Scale with a Future Proof Platform for Enterprise Brand Management
Brands can leverage DEC 4 for fixed duration campaigns, "always on" brand channels, or as an enterprise platform for multiple brands. This flexibility enables organizations to scale their DEC use according to their needs. As a cloud-based service, DEC 4 automatically manages page hosting, delivery and monitoring, as well as social platform API and policy changes. With DEC 4 managing these elements, brand marketers can focus on what they do best: building the most engaging brand experiences.

Improved Support for Global Programs
With DEC 4, multiple people and teams across the globe can collaborate on responding to social conversations and publishing content. And new admin tools allow easy management of multiple DECs across multiple regions with granular user permissions and workflow. Using DEC 4, brands can create a singular user experience that can be localized and targeted to a specific geographic region. DEC 4 also has new support for multiple languages within a single country and right-to-left language support (e.g. Hebrew and Arabic scripts.)

Improved Security and Governance for Brand Channels
With full HTTPS support, DEC 4 is hosted on a secure server architecture, compatible with Facebook, YouTube and other secure distribution points. This ensures a safer environment for brand content, reducing risk and easing compliance with enterprise security policies. DEC 4 features more powerful content administration and scheduling tools, improved governance features, including consent gate integration for facilitating compliance with EU cookie laws, and push/pull functionality to copy and overwrite YouTube watch page metadata.


"Thismoment's DEC 4 allows brand marketers to deliver the world's most dynamic brand experiences, regardless of their customers' location, sites or devices. Whether you're navigating between DECs as an enterprise customer, assigning roles and responsibilities for your disparate social teams around the globe, or looking for a campaign-specific, 'never been done before' execution on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, DEC 4 has you covered."
- Ankarino Lara, Founder and CPO, Thismoment

"When we discovered Thismoment, we identified that the critical foundation required was there, and that it was able to evolve with us dynamically as our requirements evolved. Incorporating Thismoment's DEC, and its fundamental capabilities, allowed us to create critical solutions that we needed for current requirements, while also providing a platform that could grow with us into the future."
- Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director, Crystal Dynamics

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