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June 11, 2009 06:00 ET

Three Million iPhone Users Joining OpenFeint Social Community With OpenFeint™ 2.0 Launch

Top 100 Games Including MyBrute, StickWars, Knights Onrush, iDracula, Epic Pet Wars, Ankagua3D, Four in a Row (Optime) Incorporate Social Discovery Features in OpenFeint 2.0

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2009) - Aurora Feint Inc., developer of the series of award winning social RPG puzzle games for the iPhone™, unveiled OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery at WWDC at an event attended by dozens of iPhone developers, press and industry executives. OpenFeint has been submitted by Top 100 titles bringing over 3 million users from these games into an extended social discovery network that connects the iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter with the ability to ask: "What are my friends playing?" anywhere, anytime. This discovery capability is available inside a game, in an OpenFeint Game Lobby, or on Facebook by simply clicking on a newsfeed item and launching OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery.

Net Jacobsson, a former Facebook executive who recently joined Aurora Feint's advisory board, says, "Just as social discovery through friends drove the usage and engagement of applications on Facebook, it's going to become very important for applications on the iPhone. Through social discovery, your friends become the filter for what is relevant and important to you in a sea of clutter. People are more likely to download applications and play games if they discover that their friends are using them."

"OpenFeint 2.0 is all about answering the question 'What Are My Friends Playing?' in a myriad of ways. We've taken every single piece of OpenFeint and injected a healthy dose of social discovery into it. Every page you look at, from a game's iPromote page to your achievements list, has social context. Now it's easier than ever to discover interesting content through your friends," says Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron, the co-founders of Aurora Feint. "And of course, we're excited to have millions of users joining the OpenFeint Social Community from top indie games."

Developer Endorsements

With the new titles incorporating OpenFeint 2.0, the total number of new users brought into the Feint community is over 3 million, making OpenFeint the largest and fastest growing mobile social applications platform. Some of the developers clarified why OpenFeint is their preferred choice:

Optime -- Founder and CEO, Jon Schlegel: "OpenFeint will enable us to easily incorporate an innovative set of social features into our applications. We are happy to be partnering with Aurora Feint to deliver these exciting new capabilities to our users."

Knights Onrush and iDracula -- Pavel: "We are happy to work with OpenFeint which provides us with great community features such as chat and leaderboards. This is a great value add for our end gamers."

StickWars -- John E. Hartzo: "I'm looking forward to the gamers' marketplace for iPhone/iPod Touch users that OpenFeint will provide. A single arcade game can only entertain a player for a finite amount of time, but add that game to an online community and you end up with a more interactive, human element added to every game. As more people join the community, the original game will continue to engage the player far beyond the normal time than if that community did not exist."

BulkyPix -- Vincent Dondaine, Founder and CEO: "MyBrute has over 1 million daily active players on the web because of its social features. We are using OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery to enable us to have that kind of success on the iPhone."

Ankagua3D, StormBASIC -- Antonio Jose: "As a small iPhone development company in a market with more than 42,000 apps, we really need to add social distribution to our games. Thanks to the social features of OpenFeint, we were able to integrate into Ankagua3D very quickly!"

First Star Software, Boulder Dash -- Richard M. Spitalny, President: "We're thrilled to have OpenFeint 2.0 integrated into Boulder Dash® Vol. 1. In addition to the features included in the initial release of OpenFeint, the new ability to check things offline and to earn achievements further increases the appeal of any game. OpenFeint 2.0 allows us to track global high scores which will serve as the basis of cash prize contests we will be announcing very shortly, to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Boulder Dash."

CrowdStar -- Jeff Tseng, Co-founder: "The remarkable growth of Know-It-All Trivia wouldn't be possible without leveraging the social features of the Facebook platform. OpenFeint brings those social features to the iPhone, giving developers a huge advantage by connecting users and providing the path for viral success. We consider OpenFeint to be a core foundation of our iPhone version of Know-It-All Trivia."

"It's terrific to see a whole slew of independent developers endorsing OpenFeint 2.0, taking OpenFeint one step closer to becoming the de facto social gaming platform for the iPhone," says Peter Relan, angel investor in Aurora Feint. "What distinguishes the iPhone is the ability for developers to succeed on it without having to sign up with large publishers. OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery is an essential ingredient in the success of indie games."

OpenFeint 1.5, which launched only two months ago, already supports fbConnect and Twitter identities, plus custom leaderboards, chat rooms, category based "Feint Lobbies," and One Touch iPromote™, and has over 50 applications live in the AppStore™.

OpenFeint 2.0 expands upon those social foundations with support for importing profile pictures and friend lists from Facebook and Twitter, sending actionable notifications to Facebook and Twitter, 100 Xbox Live style achievements per game, social player profiles including that person's friend lists and what games they're playing, friend leaderboards, achievement comparisons with another player, friend lists, and social One Touch iPromote pages including a list of all a player's friends who are already playing the game. As if that wasn't enough, the OpenFeint team completely re-skinned its user interface bringing it to a level of visual quality that would make Apple proud.

"The new look and features allow OpenFeint to stand side by side with other gaming communities like Xbox Live and Stream," says Dave Castelnuovo, Bolt Creative, publisher of the super-hit game Pocket God.

Product Update: OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery and How It Works

OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery is available now for a free trial at As always, there is no charge to developers for submitting free games with OpenFeint. Paid application pricing is pennies, making OpenFeint a requirement for developers who want to increase their sales through social distribution.

Note: Aurora Feint™ is a trademark of Aurora Feint Inc., Facebook™ and fbConnect™ are trademarks of Facebook, Twitter™ is a trademark of Twitter Inc., iPhone™ and AppStore™ are trademarks of Apple Computer.

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