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October 04, 2011 14:02 ET

Three New 3scale Cloud APIs Enable Enterprises and Developers to Embed API Management Services Seamlessly Into Their Systems

3scale Delivers Plug In Installation for Unlimited Scalability and Easy Integration With CDNs, CRM, ERP and Other Enterprise Infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2011) - 3scale (, the innovative provider of plug and play Cloud API management infrastructure, today launched three new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed to unleash powerful enterprise capabilities for API billing, access and reporting. The three collections include a user management API for portals and integration with CRM services, a billing API, and an analytics API for push and pull data analysis. The documentation for the three new APIs can be viewed here:

Now with 3scale, enterprise, SMBs, startups and developers have unprecedented direct access to scale and accelerate their API business channel to reach partners, customers and the mobile Web. Viadeo, FullContact and TigerLogic yolink are among the first to utilize 3scale's flexible, scalable platform.

3scale customer, Viadeo, a global professional social network with 35 million members, chose 3scale's API Management platform to open, launch and monetize the Viadeo API. Viadeo utilizes 3scale's management infrastructure to control access, authenticate users, rate limit usage and capture business intelligence. With the new 3scale user and stats APIs, Viadeo gains full control and ownership of its developer portal. This was developed using proprietary code, which needed deep integration with key backend elements.

"Unlike other API platforms that required us to filter through a management box, 3scale offered us a superior solution with its plug in installation," said Frederic Leroy, API director at Viadeo. "With 3scale, the integration enables us to deliver the best offering to our partners and developers so they can create more compelling applications by tapping into our social graph."

The three new 3scale APIs that complement the unique plug and play 3scale traffic management API include the following:

  • Stats & reporting API: enables 3scale customers to directly access the information, data and statistics related to the usage of their API with different levels of granularity. This API eliminates the need to access the Admin dashboard of 3scale API Management Platform.
    Moreover, 3scale customers can combine data coming from other IT systems, such as CDN, CRM or ERP systems with the information extracted from the 3scale Stats API. This flexible functionality allows customers to create their own views/representation of these analyses.
  • Billing API: 3scale's customers can access the raw billing information for each of their API user for integration into existing backend billing systems and 3rd party software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. At the end of each month 3scale generates invoices for each paying customer of an API based on the pricing rules and mechanism defined by the provider of the API.
  • User management API: this API enables 3cale customers to manage their database of API users from "outside" 3scale Admin dashboard for integration into their existing systems. For example, companies with their own signup mechanisms can manage user Accounts, Keys, Rate limits and service parameters seamlessly from existing customer facing dashboards.

Additionally, these new APIs increase the flexibility 3scale offered to API providers making it now even easier and faster for its customers to integrate 3scale API management platform with their existing IT systems such as ERP, CRM or Service Desk solutions.

3scale Enterprise-grade API management infrastructure platform now includes the following:

  • Developer and Partner Portal
  • Access and User Management
  • Traffic & Policies Management
  • Billing & Payment
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Total Scalability: Unlimited Traffic on your API
  • Premium SLA with Guaranteed Uptime and Automatic Failover
  • Premium Customer Support - 24/7 for Emergencies
  • High Availability Infrastructure with 24/7 Monitoring and Automatic Failover
  • Developer outreach

"Our customers tell us it's essential for them to have the freedom to optimize their ownership, and to configure and control their assets," says Guillaume Balas, 3scale CMO. "That's why we developed 3scale APIs for APIs, a simpler, better way for them to enjoy total business integration of their API management infrastructure platform."

3scale works closely with customer tech and business teams in order to provide the best solution adapted to their needs. 3scale helps customers maximize the impact and reach of their API among developers and potential business partners.

About 3scale
3scale provides a Cloud based API management infrastructure for developers, startups, SMBs and large enterprise to securely open, control, manage and monetize their API to 3rd parties (e.g. developers, business partners, etc).

3scale API management infrastructure platform is Plug and Play, configurable, flexible and scalable. 3scale unique suite of APIs brings API providers an unparalleled level of ownership, control and configuration.

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