May 29, 2014 20:05 ET

ThroughConversation Expands to Meet a Growing Public Demand for the Exclusive Personal Development Program

Jean-Paul Gravel, Leading Expert on Dissolving Limiting Beliefs, Offers a Fast and Effective Methodology That Promotes Positive Lasting Life Transformations

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - May 29, 2014) - ThroughConversation™ is expanding to meet a growing public demand for the exclusive personal development program developed by Jean-Paul Gravel.

The program, ThroughConversation™, offers a fast and effective approach that promotes positive lasting life changes. Gravel's insightful methods of purposeful communication work to build healthy attitudes, beliefs, and daily thought patterns - resulting in better emotional and physical health.

For the past ten years, Gravel has been successfully leading individuals in personal and professional life transformations. "Imagine having conversations that systematically dispel limiting beliefs that stop you from getting the most out of life," explains Jean-Paul Gravel, Founder of ThroughConversation™. "The impact of just one conversation can be extremely powerful: healthier relationships, more effective communication, better emotional and physical health. Within the very first week, clients notice the impact of ThroughConversation™."

Using practical and insightful communication methods, Gravel creates personalized sessions that respond directly to the intricacies of different personalities and life situations.

"Jean-Paul has shared some wisdom with me and it has seriously changed my entire perspective on life. The impact on me personally has been surreal," says one client of ThroughConversation™.

Another client recently shared that "The insight [Jean-Paul] had into how I was living my life was unbelievable. It was incredible how perceptive he was in a very short amount of time. ThroughConversation™ pinpointed the exact biggest road block in my life right now and taught me how to fix it."

With the main goal of enhancing people's lives, Gravel's expansion of ThroughConversation™ will allow a greater number of people to take part in the personal development program.

Even with the expansion, however, the program is still limited to a certain number of available sessions.

ThroughConversation™ recommends calling in advance to book an appointment.

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