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September 09, 2010 17:34 ET

ThruBit® Provides Cost-Effective Logging Solution for "Difficult-To-Log Bakken" Oasis Petroleum Well

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - September 9, 2010) -  ThruBit LLC announced that Oasis Petroleum has successfully utilized ThruBit's® proprietary through-the-bit memory logging system for a horizontal well that could have been cost-prohibitive to log using other available methods. The Bakken well, located in Williams County, North Dakota, reached measured depth of 20,766 feet with a lateral section of 10,003 feet. The well had a radius of curvature of 29.5 degrees around the curve and was deviated up to 91 degrees before reaching the end of the lateral.

Through-the-bit logging technology allows ThruBit's slim, high-quality SureLog™ tools to safely pass through the drill pipe and out the drill bit to acquire formation evaluation data as the pipe is tripped out of the well. Advantages associated with this method of conveyance include: logging horizontal wells, obtaining data in wells with trouble zones, rig time savings and greatly reducing the risk and cost of lost or stuck tools. ThruBit's® patented Portal™ bit was used during the final reaming run, allowing successful logging prior to running the liner. The bit eliminated additional trips and allowed logging where alternative methods might have failed.

"We were asked to deploy our system on a Bakken well for Oasis with a measured depth of over 20,000 feet and over 10,000 foot lateral section which operationally has not been done before," said Jim Aivalis, President and CEO of ThruBit® Logging Solutions. "Using ThruBit's® unique deployment technique, they were able to maintain circulation, deploy the system down the well, around a curve and out an extended lateral section and log out, all on the conditioning trip. This allowed them to evaluate the lateral section of the Bakken petrophysically and evaluate completion options with data they had not had prior."

Because Oasis had an extensive lateral section, ThruBit's substantial battery life advantages also were a key to logging this difficult well. Tools are deployed only after the drill pipe reaches total depth, and robust batteries allowed the tools to operate down hole for 37 hours.

"The ThruBit log gave Oasis valuable data that we would not have otherwise been able to capture and it definitely performed up to our expectations," said Taylor Reid, C.O.O., Oasis Petroleum Inc.

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