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January 15, 2007 06:00 ET

THUS Works With Cloudmark to Safeguard Subscribers from Rising UK Phishing Threats

Leverages Cloudmark Authority for Fast, Accurate Blocking of Spam, Phishing, Viruses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 15, 2007 -- THUS plc, a leading UK provider of Internet and communications services, has become the first provider to launch an anti-phishing service free with Internet access in the UK as part of a new suite of anti-phishing, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions leveraging Cloudmark Authority ™, the industry's fastest and most accurate defenses against all forms of messaging abuse. To combat the steady rise in unwanted email messages including fraudulent phishing attacks, THUS is working with Cloudmark to protect its subscribers and optimize the efficiency of its messaging security infrastructure.

In 2006, phishing attacks alone caused losses of more than £21.7 million in the UK (approximately US$42 million). This has led to lower consumer confidence in e-commerce and overall satisfaction of their email services. Due to their transient, low volume and highly targeted nature, phishing attacks easily evade traditional solutions that rely on honeypots, probes and volume pattern recognition. Cloudmark is uniquely able to stop phishing attacks before they propagate with its intelligent fingerprinting technology identifying phishing attacks and mutations with high speed and accuracy.

Nigel Stevens, product director at THUS, comments: "The service, now being offered to THUS customers who have Demon products, cross-references suspicious emails with known phishing and spam sites. Cloudmark's unique methodology allows us to predictively block spammers and detect new threats at wire speed, before they reach user inboxes. A similar technique identifies and stops new virus outbreaks prior to mass distribution, reducing the response time from days down to minutes without delaying the arrival of legitimate mail and slowing down productivity."

In addition, the growing volume of spam messages -- exceeding 90% of all email traffic -- burden messaging delivery and storage systems. In migrating to Cloudmark Authority, THUS has realized operational advantages as well in terms of hardware requirements and other resources. Cloudmark Authority employs a unique methodology that typically requires far fewer servers and considerably less processing power while increasing speed and accuracy.

Cloudmark VP of Sales, EMEA, Paul Averill says THUS' customers will benefit from the ISP's investment in security. "Unlike other spam that is basically just a nuisance, phishing attacks are illegal, costly and in some ways more difficult to detect and trace," says Averill. "It will become increasingly critical going forward that major service providers such as THUS take the lead in keeping these threats from propagating and jeopardizing the privacy of their subscribers."

About Cloudmark Authority

Repeatedly proven in service provider trials as the industry's most accurate and efficient messaging anti-abuse solution, Cloudmark Authority uniquely leverages intelligent message fingerprinting and the world's largest threat detection network to block spam, phishing, viruses, and mutated threats significantly faster than rules or heuristics-based legacy solutions. Where legacy solutions may require witnessing a sufficient volume of abuse to begin blocking, Authority can act as soon as a threat, even a highly targeted phishing attack, has been identified by and corroborated by the Cloudmark Global Threat Network and Trust Evaluation System. Once an abusive message has been fingerprinted, any mutation of this threat will be blocked in real time. This early detection is critical in stopping polymorphic and advanced virus attacks from causing widespread damage.

In addition, Authority was architected for service provider environments that demand efficient processing of large volumes of messages. Unlike traditional solutions that use processing-intensive rule sets, Authority performs scanning of messages for all forms of abuse using an in-memory cache of verified fingerprints that is updated every minute. Cloudmark's approach enables wire-speed processing while only utilizing 1/10th of the system resources of traditional rules-based solutions while combining anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection on a single platform to maximize efficiency.

About THUS

THUS plc provides communications solutions to business customers throughout the UK under the THUS and Demon brands. In an industry punctuated by inexperience THUS can draw upon a knowledge base established over more than a decade in the delivery of data, telecoms and Internet services.

Delivering both standard and bespoke solutions, THUS addresses customers' existing business needs and works hand in hand with customers to develop new business opportunities. The Company's record in the creation of innovative new services is complemented by an award winning focus on quality and full certification under the ISO9001 standard.

THUS is listed on the London Stock Exchange. For further information visit and

About Cloudmark

Cloudmark, Inc. delivers the industry's fastest and most accurate anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-virus solutions. Founded in 2001 by pioneers in messaging anti-abuse, Cloudmark architected an innovative approach combining intelligent message fingerprinting with the world's largest real-time threat detection network. Cloudmark solutions protect more than 180 million mailboxes and 60+ ISP networks worldwide with customers and partners including NTT Communications, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Vodafone, SUN. A privately held, San Francisco-based company, Cloudmark's comprehensive portfolio addresses the unique needs of Service Provider, enterprise and desktop users. For more information about Cloudmark, visit

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