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November 14, 2013 09:00 ET

Tibet 5100 Shines in 2013 Global Bottled Water Congress

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2013) - The 10th Global Bottled Water Congress took place from November12th to 14th in Nashville, Tennessee of the U.S., a capital of country music, attracting bottled water manufacturers, suppliers, and representatives of leading companies in the industry from around the world. Mr. Fu Lin, CEO of Tibet 5100 Water Resources Holdings Ltd., was invited for the third time to the conference as the only guest speaker from Asia. He delivered a keynote speech "Premium Service in a Premium Market." On the evening of the second day, Tibet 5100 was awarded the "Best Still or Sparkling Water" by the organizer.

The Only Chinese Company Shares Experience in Innovation Services in the Conference

Tibet 5100 is the only Chinese company invited by the Global Bottled Water Congress. At 2:30 pm local time on November 12th, Mr. Fu Lin shared Tibet 5100's experience in premium innovation service-committed to providing customers with distance-free consumption experience. His speech struck a responsive chord in the hearts of the audience.

Mr. Fu Lin says, "5100 Tibet Glacier Spring Water is the product of fault zones activities around the Tibetan Plateau. It is a by-product of hydrothermal activities caused by magma intrusion and geothermal activities hidden over 5,000 meters underground. With further supply of rainfall and melting glacial snow and numerous years of deep circulation, the spring water percolates through fault lines in a natural way. That's also why the water is so transparent and pure, colorless, and odorless without sediments. It tastes mild, pleasant and rich, and the after-taste is refreshing. All of the above helped Tibet 5100 win the awards."

According to Fu Lin, the success of high-end bottled water companies in China are based on two key factors: superior quality and premium service. In addition to superior quality, Tibet 5100 has always been committed to providing distance-free consumption experience to customers by solving a series of difficulties in the industry of fast-moving consumer goods, such as home-delivery service, easy access to the products through distribution in various outlets and better service to consumers based on a careful observation of their shopping habits.

In 2006, Tibet 5100 made an innovative launch of pre-pay water card service to upscale consumers, with the support of a comprehensive logistics system. The card owners only need to make a free call to get the water delivered to the designated location. Since its launch, the pre-pay water card service has reached consumers in 73 cities in China. "We work with leading logistics companies in China such as China Railway Express, EMS and FedEx. The ordered water could be delivered to customers' doorstep within 72 hours. The delivery service provides utmost convenience as consumers could decide the time and location," said Fu Lin.

The successful launch of the water card unlocks more potential of Tibet 5100 and helps the company to gain market share. From the beginning of April 2012, based on the clients developed at earlier stage, Tibet 5100 took the lead to cooperate with 12 renowned domestic E-business companies to sell their water card online. Following this success, Tibet 5100 established an E-business platform on its official website and created an APP to open up a new era of E-commerce in the Chinese premium water industry. The 2013 semiannual report shows that the share of water card revenue had increased to 16% during the first half year, as compared to 13% in the first half of 2012.

Tibet 5100 has been making great efforts to build stronger sales network. The 2013 semiannual report shows that offline retail channels had extended to 73 cities in China, boasting 204 dealers and 7,667 retail outlets. Consumers could buy 5100 Tibet Glacier Spring Water wherever and whenever possible.

"Tibet 5100's digital platform is not only used for water card sales, but also for optimization of its customers database to know better about their shopping habits, so that we can serve them better," said Fu Lin. Tibet 5100 interacts with consumers through social networks, like Weibo (China's version of Twitter), and WeChat (China's version of WhatsApp), to know about their latest needs. "By further enhancing interaction with consumers, we provide community user experience and are able to customized consumption experience enabling us to lead the industry development." Fu Lin is fully confident in the future.

Global Leading Companies Confident in China's Premium Water Market

The 10th Global Bottled Water Congress is organized by Zenith-international, themed on "Force of Nature." Among the distinguished guests are the founder of Icelandic Water Holdings and Voss CEO. They delivered speeches and held heated discussions on topics of development trend of global bottled water industry, innovations in the bottled water industry, and sustainable development around the world. Their sharp, informed and unique opinions made the "Think Tank Summit" a sea of wisdom and humor. The counterparts from foreign countries showed great interest in China's premium water market.

Fu Lin briefed the audience about the premium water market in China. With the upgrade of the consumption market in China, the high-end bottled water market will flourish. A report by Euromonitor International shows that by 2016, the sales of premium bottled water in China shall amount to 600 million liters with annual sales revenue reaching 11.8 billion Yuan.

The premium bottled water market in China started from scratch, grown and flourished within only two decades. At present, besides some top-notch international brands of bottled water, a large number of new local brands have emerged in China. "Currently, Tibet 5100 has developed into the leading brand of premium bottled water in China, accounting for over one quarter of the market shares," said Fu Lin proudly. He invited foreign counterparts for a visit to Tibet and wished that the premium bottled water companies in China could grasp the opportunities in the age of big data to provide more premium services for consumers. "Of course, with the further opening-up of the bottled water market in China, we'll face more challenges from foreign counterparts," added Fu Lin.

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Tibet Glacier Mineral Water Co., Ltd was established in 2005. Aimed to provide the best glacier spring water for the whole world, Tibet 5100 gradually becomes a leading brand of premium bottled mineral water market in China.

"5100 Tibet Glacier Spring Water" is sourced from a unique glacial spring at 5,100 meters above sea level. Our product contains only glacial spring mineral water collected and bottled in close proximity to the water source at the Nianqing Donggula Mountains in Tibet, one of the world's most remote and pristine locations.

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