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Tiburon, Inc.

August 07, 2011 06:00 ET

Tiburon Announces Lubbock, Texas Goes Live With IQResponse

Lubbock, TX -- First Live Customer on Tiburon's Latest Public Safety Platform Now Receiving the Benefits of a Highly-Integrated Solution at an Affordable Price

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 7, 2011) - On the same day Tiburon is announcing IQResponse -- its newest public safety software offering -- the company is also announcing the City of Lubbock, Texas as its first live IQResponse customer. Lubbock has been using all of the IQResponse components as their production system since June. IQResponse includes tightly integrated components for computer-assisted dispatch (CAD), mobility, law records, fire records and jail management. The high level of data integration provides Lubbock first responders an unprecedented level of situational awareness while also providing operational efficiencies such as obviating the need for duplicate data entry. "The days of duplicate data entry and siloed databases are now gone," says Ian Archbell, CMO, Tiburon. "The moment information that needs to be shared is entered anywhere in the system, it's instantly available to every officer, firefighter or dispatcher on the system. This creates a level of situational awareness that's unparalleled."

Both the Lubbock Fire and Police Departments are excited about the capabilities of the new system. Speaking about his agency's status as Tiburon's first IQResponse client, Lubbock Police Chief Ellis remarked, "Tiburon IQResponse has tremendous potential to improve patrol capabilities, CAD and records management systems. The Lubbock Police Department went live with the new system on June 5th of this year. Tiburon has given full support with their friendly, professional and helpful staff and we are committed to the success of the new software applications." He added, "We are working towards final acceptance and we are confident we will have an end product that enhances the duties of our agency and we look forward to a long and continuing relationship with Tiburon."

Because the various modules of IQResponse were designed and built at the same time, this data integration extends across modules. For example, should the Police Department respond to an emergency at a school, they could immediately access any school floor plan previously entered by the fire department during their fire preplan work. The data integration also works in the other direction, so if firefighters were responding to a call at a house where one of the occupants had a history of arson arrests, they would know this before they even arrived on scene. "IQResponse is highly configurable and flexible and because of its integrated database -- all critical information is available in a timely manner," said Robert Loveless, Deputy Fire Marshal, Lubbock Fire Marshal's Office. He added, "Tiburon's technical staff are highly knowledgeable and have been accessible at any time day or night."

IQResponse has proven so popular already in Lubbock that surrounding municipalities are looking into the possibility of combining with Lubbock on dispatching or record keeping collaborations to help address recent budget challenges and to take advantage of data sharing over an even wider area. IQResponse was designed precisely for this kind of multi-jurisdictional use and Tiburon has indicated their support for any such initiative.

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