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Tiburon, Inc.

December 17, 2013 13:05 ET

Tiburon Announces Strategic Partnership With Nlets to Provide Hosting Infrastructure and Services to Clients

Nlets Hosting Services Provides a Highly Secure and Reliable Facility for Tiburon to Offer Its First-to-Market, Hosted CAD, RMS, Analytics and Public Safety as a Service Offering to Clients

SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2013) - Tiburon, Inc., a portfolio company of The Gores Group and the leading provider of public safety software solutions, today announced its strategic partnership with Nlets to provide its secure and proven hosting services to clients using Tiburon's innovative CAD, RMS, Jail and Analytics solutions.

As one of the premier, trusted interstate justice and public safety data transmission networks, Nlets provides a highly secure and reliable hosting facility for Tiburon products for those agencies wishing to take advantage of the considerable benefits of a hosted deployment. Combining these benefits with the significant advantages of Tiburon's Public Safety as a Service (PSaaS) platform and pricing model make for a winning combination. Leveraging the reliability and security of Nlets with the affordability and flexibility of PSaaS means that Tiburon's multi-agency CAD, RMS, Jail, and Analytics solutions deliver powerful, cost-effective next generation capabilities to public safety agencies of any type, size and geographic footprint.

With over 40 years of connecting state, local, and federal law enforcement with justice and public safety agencies to exchange critical information, Nlets is one of the most trusted and secure hosting facilities in the nation. Similarly, Tiburon is a trusted and experienced pioneer in providing CAD, RMS and Analytics solutions through its public safety adaptation of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that has transformed the mainstream software industry. Tiburon has many clients across the world currently enjoying the benefits of PSaaS and of hosted deployments and is delighted to add Nlets as a strategic partner.

"Becoming an Nlets partner requires companies to pass Nlets' rigorous screening criteria. Tiburon was able to do so as befits a 30+ year leading veteran of the public safety software industry," said Bonnie Locke, Director of Business Development, Nlets. "By combining the Nlets network and hosting services with Tiburon's battle-tested public safety software solutions, we are offering a compelling and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-premises, perpetual license software deployments."

"The Nlets relationship is another concrete example of Tiburon's commitment to leading the evolution in public safety software," said Jonathan Huberman, President and CEO of Tiburon. "Combining the capabilities and track record of Nlets with Tiburon's PSaaS model means any agency wanting a cost effective, secure and reliable CAD or RMS solution now has a new, compelling option to consider. Together Nlets and Tiburon are enabling agencies to take advantage of the software as a service model and eliminate the need for expensive on-site hardware; resource-intensive maintenance, and costly capital expenditure procurement cycles. They can now focus on their true missions and not worry about the burdensome requirement of owning and maintaining their own software and hardware."

About Tiburon
Established in 1980, Tiburon, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile, records management system (RMS) and analytics solutions to the public safety and security industry and the innovative provider of the Public Safety as a Service (PSaaS) platform. The company also offers fully integrated solutions for field reporting, corrections management, NIEM-compliant data sharing and related implementation services for any size or type of agency or firm. From mission-critical conditions to daily operations, across complex multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional environments, Tiburon's partnership and technology helps clients save lives, optimize resources, and improve property saving and protective services. For more information, visit or call (800) 428-5534.

About The Gores Group
The Gores Group, LLC is a global investment firm focused on acquiring controlling interests in mature and growing businesses which can benefit from the firm's operating experience and flexible capital base. The firm combines the operational expertise and detailed due diligence capabilities of a strategic buyer with the seasoned M&A team of a traditional financial buyer. The Gores Group, which was founded in 1987 by Alec E. Gores, has become a leading investor having demonstrated over time a reliable track record of creating substantial value in its portfolio companies alongside management. Headquartered in Los Angeles, The Gores Group maintains offices in Boulder, CO, and London, UK. For more information, please visit

About Nlets
Nlets is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety-related information. Nlets, which is owned by the States, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which was created by principal law enforcement agencies of the states 40 years ago. The user population is composed of all of the States/territories, all Federal agencies with a justice component, and selected international agencies, all cooperatively exchanging data. The types of data being exchanged vary from motor vehicle and drivers' data, Canadian "Hot File" records, and INS databases to state criminal history records. Over 90 million messages are transacted each month.

The mission of Nlets is to provide, within a secure environment, an international justice telecommunications capability and information services that will benefit to the highest degree, the safety, the security, and the preservation of human life and the protection of property. Nlets will assist those national and international government agencies and other organizations with similar missions that enforce or aid in enforcing local, state, or international laws or ordinances.

For more information about Nlets, please visit or contact Bonnie Locke, Director of Program Management at (623) 308-3526 or

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