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Tiburon, Inc.

June 10, 2013 18:30 ET

Tiburon Launches Sophisticated Analytics Solution Suite

SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 10, 2013) - Tiburon, Inc., the leading public safety and security provider of integrated computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records management systems (RMS) solutions for secure cloud or on-premises deployments, today announced the launch of Tiburon Analytics. This new solution suite includes the low-cost Public Edition for citizen-accessible, web-based analysis and mapping of crime and calls-for-service data; the mid-range Agency Edition offering more sophisticated analysis of an expanded set of the same data suitable for a variety of public safety and security personnel; and the Professional Edition targeted primarily at the professional crime analyst. The product suite is rounded out by a series of soon-to-be-announced Report Packs consisting of already-designed dashboard, tabular and analytical reports suitable for various types of agency personnel and by Tiburon Academy educational offerings on a variety of topics relating to crime and calls-for-service analysis. Tiburon plans to showcase this new solution suite at the upcoming NENA 2013 tradeshow in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 17th and 18th.

"Tiburon Analytics, powered by technology from our partner BAIR Analytics, fills a very real need in the market," said Bob Brown, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Customer Advocacy. "Having a superior reporting, dashboard and sophisticated analytics capability integrated with an agency's CAD and Records system is an integral component of a modern and technologically up-to-date public safety organization, no matter how large or small. It provides the critical information necessary to optimize deployment of an agency's limited resources, to track, analyze and even predict 911 call and crime patterns and to provide the public with easily accessible, web-based crime mapping information and basic analysis -- a critical tool to neighborhood watch and other community policing efforts." 

About Tiburon Analytics Solutions:

Tiburon Analytics, Public Edition, enables law enforcement agencies to engage the public by providing useful, up-to-date crime information, pin maps and alerts and by enabling citizens to provide anonymous tips. The command staff and/or crime analyst at smaller, resource-constrained agencies can also utilize the web-based service (linked primarily to Tiburon Law RMS) to provide pin-mapping of crimes and basic analytics (e.g., map crimes by type by date range). In short, the Public Edition and offers these benefits:

  • Low cost, publicly available, web-based crime mapping with full agency control over types of crimes listed
  • Ability for citizens to submit anonymous tips
  • Maps, alerts and basic analytics provide critical Community Policing tools for citizens and law enforcement agencies
  • Includes free mobile application
  • Reduces public information requests to police
  • Provides free hot spot maps and rudimentary COMPSTAT and dashboard analytics
  • Improves trust and transparency with the public
  • No limit on the number of months of data an agency can upload

Tiburon Analytics, Agency Edition, an easy-to-use, "secure online dashboard" that enables regional and national crime data sharing across any RMS platform. Advanced features include: pattern analysis, crime mapping and reporting for everyone with security access across the agency. Extra power is provided by the capability of aggregating data from non-RMS sources (e.g., corrections info, license plate recognition info, and so forth). Command staff, dispatch supervisors, part-time crime analysts, investigators, and patrol officers commonly use this solution gaining the following benefits:  

  • Regional data sharing and analysis that benefits everyone from officers to chiefs
  • Data sharing available from agencies using a variety of different RMS and CAD solutions
  • Enhanced analytics from over 100 RMS and CAD data fields including MO, person, Vehicle and full narrative
  • Over 70 analytical charts and graphs on which a variety of operational decisions can be based
  • Helps predict crime patterns across jurisdictions both geographically and temporally
  • Easy to create Ad Hoc reports and automated report distribution

Tiburon Analytics, Professional Edition, provides powerful "Desktop" predictive analytics, crime pattern analysis, mapping and reporting capabilities for crime investigations and intelligence analyses by trained law enforcement crime analysts. A few of the benefits include:

  • Powerful desktop tool that provides the foundation for implementing intelligence-led policing initiatives and approaches
  • Improves efficiency and reduces costs by making it easier for departments to identify, analyze and resolve crimes
  • Enhances communications between analysis and department personnel

About Tiburon
Established in 1980, Tiburon, Inc. is the public safety and security industries' leading provider of integrated computer aided dispatch (CAD), mobile, records management system (RMS) and analytics solutions for secure cloud and on-premises deployments. The company also offers fully integrated solutions for field reporting, corrections management, NIEM-compliant data sharing and related implementation services for any size or type of agency or firm. From mission-critical conditions to daily operations, across complex multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional environments, Tiburon's partnership and technology helps clients save lives, optimize resources, and improve property saving and protective services. For more information, visit or call (800) 428-5534.

About BAIR Analytics
BAIR (Behavioral Analysis & Intelligence Resources) is an analytical software and service company dedicated to providing public safety, national security and defense entities the innovative tools and subject-matter expertise needed to identify, analyze and resolve problems created by the actions of offenders and their networks that threaten our citizens, our communities and our nation. BAIR's analytical software and services provide the tools needed to assist in collaborating and analyzing real-time data in order to strengthen your agency's Intelligence Led Policing efforts. BAIR's tools have been used by law enforcement and defense for more than 20 years in controlling, reducing and preventing criminal activity including counter-narcotics, counter-IED and counter-insurgency related events. For more information, visit or call (800) 380-1138.

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