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March 11, 2008 11:45 ET

TickerMine Gives Investors Early Insight Into Stock Performance With Objective, Detailed Market Data From the Point of Sale

Detailed, Unbiased, and Timely Market Data Provides Investment Professionals With Higher Levels of Visibility Into Market Traction to Make Better Investment Decisions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 11, 2008) - TickerMine today announced a new information service designed to help investment professionals make more informed investment decisions with real-time, objective channel and point-of-sale market data. Designed to provide the earliest possible insight into the performance and market traction of companies' products and services, TickerMine provides un-biased, granular market data and information in broad retail categories to buy and sell side analysts, institutional portfolio managers, fund managers, registered independent advisors, and personal client services managers.

Little real-time data exists today for investment professionals interested in market conditions at the point of sale in major retail categories. What information there is lacks the level of detail, timeliness, and objectivity -- void of any conclusions or opinions from a company's or analyst's point of view -- that make it valuable to investors who want early insight into a company's performance.

"There is a real need for transparent information and data that provides investors the insight and understanding of the trends, consumer preferences, and buying patterns at the point of sale," said Matt Bienfang, Research Director of Brokerage and Wealth Management at Tower Group. "The world of equity research can only benefit from the availability of timely, unfiltered, objective primary market data. It is a powerful tool that gives analysts, investment managers, institutional managers, or other serious investors greater clarity into a company's performance."

TickerMine generates data and reports on a daily basis using a proprietary electronic methodology to gather data on sales trends, consumer preferences, and buying patterns at the grass-roots level. TickerMine generates new information daily on retail categories including apparel, automotive, restaurant, electronics, financials, entertainment, and energy that can give investors clues about trends before they have an impact on stock prices.

"TickerMine's mission is to give investors higher levels of visibility and early insight into market trends with facts, data, and information that until now have not been available," said Casey Ryan, CEO of TickerMine. "TickerMine arms investors with actionable information that gives them an extra edge. No other information service publishes point-of-sale research backed up with objective, relevant market data that has the same level of granularity."

"TickerMine enables rapid data gathering and is very cost effective, providing anecdotal data on business trends as well as a significant statistical sample to back it up," said Marty Dirks, Portfolio Manager at Dirks Capital Management, LLC. "TickerMine gives me more up-to-the-minute data than any other source of its kind."

TickerMine offers three subscription plans: Silver Miner, Gold Miner, and Diamond Miner. Silver Miner subscriptions are free and provide reports on a three day delayed basis. Gold Miner subscriptions cost $100 per month and provide access to reports in real time as they are published on the TickerMine site. Diamond Miner subscriptions cost $250 per month and provide real time access to reports and supporting data files.

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TickerMine is a publisher of real-time, objective channel and point-of-sale market data that gives investors the earliest insight into the performance and market traction of companies' products and services. Using a proprietary electronic methodology, TickerMine delivers objective, real-time market data from the point of sale. With TickerMine, analysts, portfolio managers, fund managers, independent advisors, and active traders get the earliest possible snapshot of trends, consumer preferences, and buying patterns in broad retail, technology and energy categories. TickerMine's timely, detailed market information provides higher levels of visibility and first insight into a stock's performance so investors can make superior investment decisions. For more information, visit

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