April 18, 2012 08:23 ET

Ticlr 2.0 Launches at DEMO Spring 2012

Incentive and Gifting Engine Initiates, Strengthens and Manages Relationships

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2012) - Ticlr, an incentive and gifting engine designed to initiate, strengthen and manage relationships, unveiled a new feature set today at DEMO Spring 2012, the premier conference for emerging technologies and new product innovations. Ticlr addresses the market need for novel ways to motivate people and to find and give gifts in an increasingly hectic and technology-centric society.

Ticlr enables people to motivate others, leading to a desired outcome. Getting that first date, encouraging teenagers to improve their grades and incentivizing a department to crush its targets are all examples of motivational tickles.

Ticlr also helps people to easily find or create unique gifts, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with gift-giving. No matter what kind of gift is needed -- whether to celebrate a special occasion, mend a relationship or express a friendship -- Ticlr takes the stress out of giving... and makes gifting more joyful for those who give and receive.

Core to the service is Ticlr's public gift locker, where people can search for and send gifts including prepaid gift cards, items from popular retailers, and donations to well-known charities. And for people looking to send a non-material gift, or start or strengthen a relationship, the gift locker features ideas for personal gestures such as a week's worth of home-cooked meals or a picnic in the park.

Users can choose a gift from the public gift locker, or create their own gift or gesture to send. Ideal for last minute or late gifts, Ticlr enables "deferred fulfillment," allowing users to share a gift immediately but deal with delivery at a later point in time. The public gift locker provides gift ideas for anyone looking for a gift for virtually any occasion, no matter the budget.

"We wanted to provide a simple yet rich platform that allows people to easily communicate and share feelings of gratitude, as well as incent and motivate others -- gestures that might otherwise go unexpressed," said Chuck Digate, Ticlr's Founder and CEO. "Ticlr speaks to people's desires to maintain meaningful relationships even as their 'human' interactions become increasingly more web and mobile-centric."

Ticlr allows users to not only source and send gifts or requests but also provides tools for managing interactions and relationships. By creating conditional "tickles," users can create an appeal, incent someone to complete a task or fulfill a request, and follow up after a successful interaction.

"As a wife, mother, author and entrepreneur, I rely on so many different people to keep my life running smoothly," said Audrey McClelland, author of "Digital Moms" and blogger at "In any given week, there are so many people I need to motivate, acknowledge and remember and Ticlr allows me to manage that process."

Ticlr is live at and registration is simple. The service is free -- users only pay for gifts if they choose a gift that requires money to purchase or deliver.

About Ticlr
Ticlr is a Massachusetts-based company that has created an incentive and gifting engine designed to initiate, strengthen and manage relationships. Ticlr is addressing market needs for novel ways to motivate people and to find and give gifts.

No matter what kind of gift you need -- whether to celebrate a special occasion, incent and motivate people, mend a relationship, or make a charitable donation -- Ticlr takes the stress out of giving and makes gifting more joyful for those who give and receive.

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