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November 14, 2006 14:14 ET

Tidal Announces Intersperse 6.0 to Simplify Management and Analysis of SOA Applications

Release Delivers Detailed Transaction Tracing, Composite SLAs, and Enhanced Visualization for Proactive SOA Management

PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- Tidal Software, a leading provider of application scheduling and performance management software, today announced the general availability of Tidal Intersperse 6.0, the latest release of its comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing SOA solutions based on Java and .NET. With Intersperse 6.0, Tidal Software brings to SOA performance management detailed transaction tracing that can readily capture transaction flow inside components, between tiers, and across application servers for end-to-end monitoring and management in dynamic production environments. The release leverages detailed transaction tracing to build composite SLAs, enabling proactive performance management in the business context -- across the multiple applications and servers that are often involved in composite SOA applications. Intersperse 6.0 delivers a readily customizable user interface to provide a visual, role-based display of the wide range of information needed for managing SOA deployments. And with this release, Intersperse 6.0 now supports Tomcat and SAP NetWeaver and offers expanded coverage for WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, and .NET.

While SOA makes possible the creation of rich, composite applications, it has introduced new complexities in managing the operation of these dynamic systems. Traditional systems management tools that approach the problem from either a server or network centric view do not have the fine grain visibility into the composite SOA application to be able to proactively pinpoint the performance problems in the business process context. Each part of the overall system can appear healthy while individual user transactions can be suffering: these tools simply become a set of diagnostics to be used in after-the-fact trouble shooting. In contrast Intersperse combines the runtime monitoring across multiple application servers to create detailed end-to-end transaction monitoring within a single tool, enabling proactive detection of problems, fast root cause analysis, and provide for recovery to create self-healing solutions for SOA deployments.

"Management of the new enterprise applications requires a greater level of insight through consolidation and visualization of a large amount of complex information," said Will Cappelli, research vice president at Gartner. "Fine grain monitoring at each server leaves administrators to infer much about the health of a system from observing each of its parts. Effective management of these composite applications will benefit from detailed visibility into the flow of transactions across servers and applications."

In addition to the new capabilities of this release, Tidal Intersperse provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for managing and monitoring SOA applications. It offers the full range of capabilities for detailed monitoring and managing of SOA applications including discovery of servers and application components, performance monitoring at both the component (detailed) and web service (message payload) levels, performance analysis and notification through detailed reporting and composite SLA management, and control for automating corrective action to create self-healing solutions.

Tidal Intersperse is different from other solutions in that it utilizes standard JMX for all its monitoring information, delivering a non-invasive, low overhead solution for SOA performance management. Intersperse has a distributed architecture -- based on SOA to best manage SOA -- moving the overhead of complex processing, such as transaction tracing, composite SLA management, and correlation and context analysis off the managed application server and into the Intersperse management server.

Additionally, unlike older generation runtime monitoring solutions that can require a shutdown / restart cycle to turn on detailed monitoring or respond to changes or updates made to the SOA environment, the true non-invasive architecture of Intersperse allows operators to add instrumentation "on-the-fly", zooming in on performance detail with zero down-time.

"Our strategy is to provide end-to-end monitoring and management solutions that will enable automated diagnostics, recovery, and control of composite applications built on SOA," said Rod Butters, Tidal's senior vice president of marketing. "In this release, Intersperse delivers a critical component in completing this goal, providing a first in a sophisticated runtime monitoring solution that correlates all the information into a single actionable picture. With the combined capabilities of advanced SOA management and the application performance analytics of Horizon for packaged apps, Tidal's portfolio is targeted to delivering solutions that radically simplify the operation of composite, SOA applications."

Tidal Intersperse 6.0 is in general availability today. Currently licensed customers who are under maintenance are entitled to upgrade to Intersperse 6.0 free of charge.

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