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September 16, 2008 16:30 ET

Tidal Software Announces Enterprise Job Scheduling for VMware

New Enterprise Scheduling for Virtualized Environments Enables Optimal Resource Utilization and Smooth Functioning of Business Processes

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - Tidal Software, a leading provider of application scheduling and performance management software, today announced the availability of Tidal™ Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware. This scheduling solution for VMware Infrastructure increases efficiency by managing all jobs executing in a virtualized environment through a single point of control.

Jobs that drive business processes and jobs that manage the operation of the virtual environment can be managed more easily by using Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Enterprise Adapter for VMware. The solution gives IT a comprehensive view of schedules, jobs, and performance, which reveals the health of the environment as it relates to business processes.

"The Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware effectively supports VMware virtualization and solves the problem of enterprise job scheduling for vital business processes running in dynamic virtualized environments," said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliances programs at VMware. "This solution enables customers to increase the efficiency of their operations. Tidal Software has extended enterprise scheduling to deliver added value through innovative technology that aligns with the business benefits of VMware virtualization, including lower capital and operating expenses, business continuity, strengthened security, and reduced energy consumption."

In a virtualized environment, host servers can support anywhere from dozens to thousands of virtual machines. The complexity of coordinating host availability through power management; preserving and restoring machine states through snapshots and configuring servers for specific tasks can impact business process performance -- creating significant considerations for a job scheduler. An enterprise job scheduler that can access all applications and systems, while supporting the management and reliable operation of virtualized environments, is essential to successfully executing business processes.

"Albany International uses VMware to drive down operational costs and increase flexibility in the data center," said Jeff Pardi, manager of enterprise data services at Albany International. "Integrating Tidal Software's Enterprise Scheduler and VMware Infrastructure allows us to link and orchestrate the execution of critical batch processes and our virtualized environment. Tidal Software's unique VMware Enterprise Adapter enables us to easily automate both business and data center processes, helping us to increase automation, reduce costs, and further drive our vision of a virtualized computing environment."

The Tidal™ Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware integrates VMware ESX hosts with enterprise schedules, making it possible for users to define VMware jobs in the context of end-to-end business processes. The visibility and control provided by the adapter enable IT and the business side to make the fast, well informed decisions necessary to troubleshoot, trend, and analyze job scheduling operations and business utilization of the production environment.

The enterprise scheduler adapter integrates with VMware ESX and VMware Infrastructure web services and brings virtual machines and their hosts into the framework of the enterprise schedule. Users can view these jobs through the scheduler's graphical interface and manage all enterprise jobs and relationships among them.

The Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware increases efficiency through greater automation and minimizes manual operations, outages, misprocessing, and swivel chair integration:

--  VMware ESX actions can be scheduled directly from the scheduler. Users
    can schedule power, snapshot, and configuration actions within the VMware
    ESX hypervisor -- rather than manually -- as business conditions and
    workloads change.
--  Actions can be triggered based on power and performance metrics from
    VMware ESX. Users can trigger both VMware ESX and applications jobs based
    upon information on the power state and performance metrics. Examples
    include running a business process when resources are available, running a
    process when a VM is turned on and keeping a rogue VM offline.
--  Integration with Virtual Center for workload automation.  This
    integration enables the scheduler to perform key virtual center tasks such
    as VM cloning, cold migration, hot migration, and storage migration. Users
    can automate and orchestrate cross-ESX server tasks that allow them to
    allocate VM host resources based on business process context and need.
    Resources can be directly applied to critical business process job

"This easy-to-use solution allows administrators to bring VMware scheduling into the enterprise scheduling framework through a straightforward process," said Wayne Greene, Tidal's vice president of product management. "VMware users have a unified view of their entire schedule regardless of the changing environment. Tidal's affordable solution helps reduce infrastructure and software costs through optimization of virtual resources and increased administrative efficiency."

Tidal is a member of the VMware TAP program. With more than 700 members worldwide, the VMware TAP program works with best-of-breed technology partners to provide them a comprehensive set of VMware technical and marketing services, support, tools and expertise to deliver enhanced value to joint customers.

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware is in general availability today. It supports version 5.3 and higher of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.

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