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March 11, 2014 09:11 ET

TIE Kinetix Launches Smart PDF Connect

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 11, 2014) - TIE Kinetix, (EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: TIE), a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of E-Commerce and Channel Marketing solutions, today announced the release of the Smart PDF Connect solution as the latest addition to its suite of Integration Solutions. This new solution converts incoming PDF documents into electronic documents for automated back office processing with 100 percent accuracy and enables users to integrate with all their trading partners.

TIE Kinetix offers a wide range of SaaS-based solutions for Business-to-Business E-Commerce Integration that help automate the exchange of data and information between companies, which enables users to significantly reduce the cost of doing business.

For many companies with both large and small trading partner communities, the goal is to connect and integrate the members of the supply chain. When businesses are able to synchronize their ordering, shipping and billing processes automatically by communicating directly from system to system, they are able to reduce errors, costs, complexity and improve customer satisfaction more effectively than companies that are less connected. For many years there has been a consistent challenge to manage partners who cannot integrate their systems due to cost or technical hurdles.

Smart PDF Connect gives companies the ability to process, translate and manage PDF formatted documents that are received from trading partners and immediately integrate them directly into their back office system with complete accuracy, regardless of the accounting or ERP system used.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of the PDF format and the fact that most businesses can create PDF documents, the Smart PDF Connect solution seamlessly connects all trading partners at any level, regardless of how sophisticated their capabilities are, to integrate directly with their partners.

Key benefits Include:

Significant reduction of manual work and margin of error
The TIE Kinetix cloud-based solution saves time and money for customers by eliminating the manual work associated with keying in documents by hand into back office systems and significantly reduces error rates in the process. As part of TIE Kinetix's Integration Brokerage Platform, the Smart PDF Connect services are available and monitored 24/7 to ensure that business keeps going around the clock.

Integration with ALL trading partners
For most customers, it is not possible to integrate with every trading partner because not all trading partners have the capability to do a system-to-system integration. These partners typically send their documents via PDF. The new Smart PDF Connect solution makes it possible to automate this process, which enables users to integrate with all their trading partners.

One easy to use interface for the full document lifecycle
All PDF documents are validated, accepted, processed and managed via one central environment that provides the user with an easy to use, simple integration solution. No need to use different middleware products, scanning hardware or suppliers for handling different aspects of incoming business documents. TIE Kinetix Integration solutions offer a complete integrated "post office" for all partner community data.

Additional benefits of Smart PDF Connect:

  • Equips trading partners that lack integration capability with a solution to automate their documents
  • Quick and accurate processing of PDF documents without any manual work
  • Simple, instantaneous processing for large documents
  • Significant reduction in repetitive, manual work and margin of error
  • Complete accuracy when translating PDF documents into a back office system
  • Compatibility with all ERP and accounting systems
  • Time savings and cost reductions
  • Ability to accept and process PDFs 24/7

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix said: "By automating the exchange of documents via email and PDF, we can greatly reduce the margin of error and processing time, creating a huge advantage for TIE Kinetix customers and their trading communities. Faster, integrated handling of business information means that logistical and planning processes are more accurate and provide considerable time to market and business advantages. With this new addition to the TIE Kinetix Integration Platform, we will continue to deliver additional value for our customers and greatly expand the integration capabilities throughout their supply chain."

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