April 13, 2011 07:01 ET

Tiger Blood Stocks Reports on Beacon Equity Research's Coverage of Identive Group

Tiger Blood Stocks' Morning Update: Identive Group (INVE) Business Unit Announced Google Partnership

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - April 13, 2011) -

TigerBloodStocks Report: This morning's focus is on Identive Group(INVE).

Beacon Equity Research said yesterday that shares of Identive Group Inc. (NASDAQ - INVE) soared after the company's business unit ACiG Technology was selected as the exclusive supplier of near field communication (NFC) RFID stickers for the roll-out of Google's marketing campaign for Google Places in Austin, Texas.

The NFC stickers, which are manufactured by ACiG's sister company, Smartag, are currently being distributed by Google to local business owners across Austin. The smart stickers are being employed to convert traditional advertising posters to connected smart posters. According to Bernardo Hernandez, senior director of consumer marketing at Google, NFC-enables stickers are an important part of the company's outreach efforts to local Austin businesses as they show the effectiveness of Internet spot marketing and help consumers quickly discover more information about a business.

Roger Hornstra, president ACiG Technology U.S., said that as a manufacturer and distributor of core RFID technology, the company sees many market trends develop from their earliest stages and that smart posters are expected to be a tremendous growth area in B to C marketing.

Based in Santa Ana, California, Identive Group is an international technology company, focusing on secure identification-based technologies. The company offers products and solutions in areas of physical and logical access control, identity management and radio frequency identification systems to governments, commercial and industrial enterprises and consumers. The company has two business segments; Identity Management Solutions & Services and Identification Products & Components.

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