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October 07, 2010 09:01 ET

Tigerpaw Unveils Version 11 at Inaugural User Conference

Tigperpaw Sharpens Its Teeth With Improved Product Usability, Business Intelligence and Metrics

BELLEVUE, NE and DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 7, 2010) - Tigerpaw Software, Inc., developer of the most comprehensive business building software for technology providers, today unveils Tigerpaw 11, its most monumental release in 26 years, at the Tigerpaw Users Conference in Dallas, TX. Tigerpaw has added usability enhancements and new features that help technology providers better organize their business, optimize the customer experience, fuel revenues, and create a new level of excellence. Already the most comprehensive application available to help IT, telephony, security, and audio/video businesses increase growth, Tigerpaw has been completely redesigned with the end-user in mind.

"We have really focused on listening to our customers' needs, but we've taken that much further by spending the time to integrate them into the development process," said Tigerpaw president James Foxall. "Our Customer Advisory Group, or CAG, helped design the new feature set through web-based meeting software. During the meetings, CAG helped determine the best-practices used to address the issue from a business perspective, and how Tigerpaw should implement the appropriate software solution. Interface changes were mocked-up during the meetings, so CAG members could visualize the final implementation. By letting customers participate in the design phase, Tigerpaw ensures that it builds the best possible solutions to the most serious real-world problems faced by users."

New User Interface
A highlight of Tigerpaw 11 is a new user interface that stresses usability, meant to turn even novice users into power users. Tabs let you open multiple documents like accounts, quotes, service orders, and invoices at the same time just like in Internet Explorer. Many windows in Tigerpaw have been combined to make it easier to find and work with related data. Other interface enhancements include:

  • Back and Forward buttons
  • Tabs that allow you to open multiple documents at the same time
  • True history list for each tab
  • Breadcrumbs (to navigate around the account/contact you are working on)
  • Customizable Explorer Bar for tailor-made navigation (multiple styles and colors)

Simplified Filtering and Mining Data Lists
Tigerpaw 11 provides in-line filtering to dynamically create filter criteria right in the list. You can search by multiple items using Boolean logic, and a new column chooser lets you hide the columns that aren't important to you. Badging has also been implemented to help you make better business decisions. You can see at-a-glance icons and colors that denote when tasks are past due for an item like a service ticket or opportunity, when the next task is due to take place for an item, and if important information is missing or out of date (such as the expected date for an opportunity being past due).

More Efficient Management of Service Tickets
Canned work requested, work performed, and internal comments can be created and inserted on a ticket with minimal effort, allowing for fast ticket updates and consistent data for reporting. Some of the new items that go into the service order notes automatically include rep assignments, status changes, priority changes, updates to work performed, and changes to contracts. For managing service tickets quickly, color and icon badging have been added to make it easy to see which service orders need immediate attention, and new hyperlinks make displaying related information or contacting the tech on a ticket as simple as a click. Tigerpaw 11 now supports assigning multiple technicians to a ticket making management of teams easier than ever before.

Improved Workflow Engine
Workflow is handled by a Windows service that runs 24/7. New time based workflows allow you to configure a "set-it and forget-it" trigger for a pre-determined number of days before a contract, warranty, subscription license, battery replacement or preventative maintenance date expires. You can use the workflow notification list like a "to do" list. New Service Level Agreement (SLA) events prevent you from violating your agreements. Tickets are monitored by priority, and workflow creates warning notifications based on thresholds that you define. In addition to notifying internal and external recipients, the new workflow can even change the status of a ticket based on your SLA thresholds.

Overhauled Dashboards
Tigerpaw 11's dashboards have been redesigned from the ground up. You can choose from 85 different dashboard panels -- many on the recommendation of the Tigerpaw Client Advisory Group (CAG). Users can drill-down on any dashboard panel to get a list of the documents (tickets, quotes, accounts, etc.) that make up a chart element; you can click pie slices, bars, data points, and sales funnel slices to view the underlying data. You can now float the dashboard to a second monitor and continue to use Tigerpaw while you keep an eye on your important metrics.

Create and Bill for MSP Agreements
You no longer need an advanced MSP Integrator to access the powerful MSP Agreement features of Tigerpaw. You have complete control of the pricing structure used for MSP Agreements. You can add non-managed items such as off-site backup, and create multiple agreements that invoice the same account. Bill clients based on real-time assets monitored at an account level while generating your managed services invoices on the interval you specify.

Email Analytics Engine
A new graphical interface makes it easy to view, analyze, and measure the results of a particular email marketing campaign. You can know exactly who opens your emails, when they open them, who clicked a link inside your emails, and which link they clicked. Analytics will help businesses understand what their target audience finds the most (or least) compelling. Tigerpaw will also track and manage all bounces in an email campaign and Unsubscribe requests, making sure you stay compliant with email marketing guidelines.

Apex Industry Best Practices Data
Apex is best practices data that comes pre-installed in Tigerpaw 11 for new customers and includes email templates, status codes, pre-built workflow events, and so much more. Using Apex reduces training and implementation time; your business starts adopting proven practices from the moment you begin using Tigerpaw.

Tigerpaw has also worked to enhance security with several new permissions added to the security model. You can also now lock down your Tigerpaw SQL database, and make it so that the only way an employee can access the database is through Tigerpaw.

Tigerpaw 11 utilizes Microsoft .NET technology to provide faster performance, robust interfaces, web services, and Windows services. Tigerpaw 11 uses a native Microsoft SQL 2008 Database Engine for faster performance. Tigerpaw 11 can use the free SQL 2008 Express or the full version of SQL 2008; older versions of Microsoft SQL are not supported. For more information, please visit

About Tigerpaw
Tigerpaw is the leading provider of business building software designed for technology providers. The award-winning Tigerpaw solution is the most comprehensive suite of tools available to help IT, telephony, security, audio/video, and point of sale businesses create growth. Tigerpaw enables businesses to deliver a higher level of service while achieving greater profitability by managing, automating and integrating service, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, workflow, and accounting. Tigerpaw ensures that sales calls are never forgotten, customer requests don't fall through the cracks, SLAs are met, and technician time is always billed. With Tigerpaw, all of your employees share customer information from a single database, through one powerful application. For over 25 years, Tigerpaw has helped more than 28,000 technology providers increase sales, provide better service, produce bids faster, order and track equipment, manage projects, and bill faster.

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