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August 21, 2006 10:30 ET

TIII Hopes to 'Outrigg' the Triple-Play Players

RIDGELAND, MS -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 21, 2006 -- Telco and broadband equipment maker TII Network Technologies (NASDAQ: TIII) has been chosen for this week's "SPOT Feature" in the Knobias Small-Cap ClipReport. Each week, Knobias scours the small-cap universe to find overlooked companies with sound fundamentals and one or more growth catalyst on the horizon. The weekly "SPOT" feature may be accessed via our daily ClipReport newsletter (free to all subscribers). To receive the Small-Cap ClipReport daily, please visit:

TIII Hopes to 'Outrigg' the Triple-Play Players

TII Network Technologies (NASDAQ: TIII) designs, produces and markets network protection and management products, including lightning and surge protection products, network interface devices (NIDs), DSL, VoIP and other station electronics products and a multi-service residential gateway systems. The Company sells these products primarily to Telcos, including Regional Bells; multi-system operators (MSOs), such as cable and satellite service providers; and original equip manufacturers (OEMs).

The BULLS Say...

Copper to Fiber Transition Traction. In 2003, Verizon, SBC and BellSouth announced a 10-15 year, multi-billion dollar improvement plan to transition from copper to fiber optic lines. Since fiber requires less protection than copper and TIII's business was primarily copper line protection, something had to change and apparently it has. Verizon offers more broadband than any other company and TIII recently extended and expanded its 20-year Verizon relationship. TIII's turnaround story in progress may not be understood, nor complete. A fiscal year end change, stock option expense policies and tax provisions make Y/Y comparisons confusing at best. An objective, and adjusted analysis, shows renewed double-digit growth, improving margins and new broadband-related product momentum. 2H-06 results and a new CEO may signal a new era for TIII.

The BEARS Say...

Key Support, Critical Timing. After a June-July run and retrace, TIII hovers precariously around 1-year support levels at a very critical time in the company's history. The next two quarters and Outrigger product reception may make or break TIII in the short-term.

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