September 13, 2012 11:57 ET

Tikly Launches Event Ticket Industry's First Facebook Integration Utilizing Dwolla; Allowing Patrons to Purchase Tickets Directly From Facebook Page

Low-Fee Ticketing Platform Allows Artists, Venues, and Events to Sell Tickets Directly Through Facebook With Option to Use Mobile Cash Payments System Dwolla

DES MOINES, IA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2012) - Tikly, the first low-fee, flat-rate ticketing platform to allow clients complete control over marketing and promotion of ticket sales, announced today its full integration with Facebook™, which will allow fans to directly buy tickets via the Facebook page of the artist, venue or event. Tikly is also the first company with a full Facebook integration that includes the mobile cash payment option, Dwolla™, a fellow rising star in the Silicon Prairie startup community. The new integration is the first ever to allow artists, venues, and events the ability to sell directly to their audience through Facebook with the flat 10% per ticket fee from Tikly and the 25 cent transaction fee from Dwolla. Before this collaboration, artists, venues, and bands were forced to go through the monopoly of ticketing corporations that charged fans up to 50 percent of the ticket price resulting in over $1 billion in revenue in fees alone for Ticketmaster™ in 2011, plus 5 percent if they paid with a credit or debit card.

In addition to Tikly's lower fees, this social media integration allows organizers to publicize events, interact with fans, and sell tickets all from their Facebook page, creating a payment experience as close as possible to loyal Facebook fans. The integration also eliminates the need to build a costly separate website, which helps to even the playing field for smaller artists and events and empowers them to better interact with their audience with the level of expertise only they have.

"The Facebook integration was a natural step in our vision of empowering artists, venues, and events with ethical ticketing practices and full freedom to market to their fans as they see fit," said Emma Peterson, founder and CEO of Tikly. "From the very beginning, Tikly worked with Dwolla because it made so much sense as both companies are fighting against unfair fees. Now through our new social media integration artists, venues and events can offer the benefits of both Tikly and Dwolla directly to their loyal Facebook fan base."

"Like most good ideas, Tikly was inspired by a young, passionate and, quite frankly, pissed off promoter who was tired of seeing the toll the current systems were having on something she loves, music," said Jordan Lampe, Director of Communications at Dwolla. "This integration with Dwolla isn't about our low-cost network, it's about Emma keeping her promise to the community she's trying to help. That's inspiring."

How Tikly Works

Tikly's format is simple and effective. A set fee is added to each ticket at the check-out, depending on ticket price:

  • Tickets under $10 is a $1 per ticket fee
  • Tickets $10 to $75 is a 10% per ticket fee
  • Tickets over $75 is a flat $7.50 per ticket fee
  • On tickets listed at less than $100, Tikly covers the credit card or Dwolla transaction fee

How Dwolla Works

Working with a user's bank account, Dwolla is a cash-funded payment system that allows users to send money with friends, family and businesses while at their computer or on on-the-go with a smartphone. And because it was built from the ground-up, it doesn't touch the traditional structures and processes of 40-year old networks. This allows it to do things drastically different from card-based systems, like open its network to third-party developers, remove the unhealthy relationship between credit cards and your sensitive financial information and offer a fair price:

  • Under $10 is free
  • Over $10 is $0.25 per transaction

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About Tikly

Tikly was launched in May 2011 by founder and CEO, Emma Peterson, after she recognized the need for artists, venues, and event organizers to have a channel to sell directly to their customer base instead of going through large corporations that charged exorbitant fees. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, on Silicon Sixth, Tikly is a ticketing platform that offers lower service fees, opens revenue streams for artists, venues, and organizations, and places event promotion back in the hands of the talent and event organizers. To learn more about Tikly please visit

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