SOURCE: Tilera Corporation

December 16, 2008 00:01 ET

Tilera Announces Availability of the TILEPro36™ Processor Targeting Mid-Range Embedded Applications

36-Core Processor Delivers Unprecedented Compute With Very Low Power Consumption for Cost-Sensitive Networking, Multimedia and Wireless Platforms

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - Tilera® Corporation today announced the availability of its TILEPro36™ processor, featuring Tilera's remarkably low power consumption at a breakthrough performance and price point. Consuming less than 10 watts in power-sensitive applications, the TILEPro36 enables system designers to achieve impressive system performance and still stay within the cooling and power budgets demanded for new embedded systems.

With more than 45 customers already using Tilera's 64-core TILE™ processors to consolidate multiple DSPs, FPGAs, and general-purpose processors into a single compute engine, the TILEPro36 processor brings a new value proposition to our customers' product portfolio. The performance and flexibility of 36 processor cores offers new opportunities for OEMs to integrate advanced features such as multi-gigabit deep packet processing, without compromising throughput.

"Tilera has gained enormous traction in the market with our high-end TILE64 and TILEPro64 processors," said Omid Tahernia, Tilera's president and chief executive officer. "Our customers across market segments look for their high-end solutions to scale down to the mid-range while preserving their software investment. The pin-compatible TILEPro36 fulfils this need and demonstrates the inherent scalability of the TILE Architecture™."

TILEPro™ Technology

The TILEPro family of multicore processors represents Tilera's third generation of market leadership and innovation. Leveraging the scalable iMesh™ 2-dimensional core interconnect, Tilera's revolutionary Dynamic Distributed Cache (DDC™) technology delivers highly scalable cache coherency, accelerating threaded and shared memory applications across many cores.

The TILEPro processors also feature the sophisticated TileDirect™ I/O system that enables the high-performance interfaces to coherently deliver packet streams directly into tile cache, eliminating costly trips to main memory. This is particularly critical in applications that demand wire-speed performance for minimum size packets.

All TILEPro processors are equipped with specialized instruction set extensions for audio and video signal processing that deliver up to 2X improvement in multimedia workloads such as codecs and High-Definition video compression processing.

Software development for the TILEPro family is accelerated by Tilera's Multicore Development Environment™ (MDE), recently enhanced with features that give the programmer ultimate control over fast-path execution. Familiar Linux and C/C++ programming along with an Eclipse based IDE maximize developer productivity and improve time-to-market.

TILEPro™ Target applications

Intelligent Networking Appliances:

--  Unified Threat Management (UTM)
--  Intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS)
--  Network monitoring and forensics

Multimedia Applications:

--  Videoconference endpoints
--  Video editing
--  Multimedia content distribution systems

Wireless Infrastructure:

--  3G, WiMAX, and LTE baseband radio
--  Base station controllers
--  GGSN, SGSN and media gateways

About the TILEPro36™ processor

The TILEPro36 offers system-on-a-chip capabilities with integrated memory controllers and rich I/O to save on cost and printed circuit board real estate.

- 36 full-featured processor cores, each with integrated L1 and L2 cache
- 3.2 MBytes on-chip cache
- Three 72-bit DDR2 memory interfaces (selectable ECC)
- Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces
- 10 Gbps XAUI Ethernet interface
- 4-lane PCI Express interface
- Benchmark performance:
  - 5 Gbps of Snort deep packet Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  - 3 streams of H.264 1080p encode plus 4 streams decode (videoconference
  - 5 channels of wireless OFDM processing


The TILEPro36 processor is now sampling along with the TILExpressPro-36 PCIe developer platform.

More information on Tilera and the TILEPro family of processors can be found on its web site:

About Tilera

Tilera Corporation is the industry leader in highly scalable general purpose multicore TILE™ processors for the embedded market. Tilera's processors are based on an innovative iMesh™ architecture that scales to hundreds of RISC-based cores on a single chip. The distributed nature of Tilera's revolutionary architecture and the standards-based tools, such as C/C++ compiler, GNU tools and Eclipse IDE, provide an unprecedented combination of performance, power efficiency and programming flexibility. Tilera was founded in October 2004 and launched its first product, the 64-core processor, in August 2007. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. with locations in Westborough, Mass., Beijing and Bangalore, India.

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