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May 09, 2011 08:00 ET

Tilera Announces New TILE-Gx™ 8000 Processor Series Optimized for High Performance Networking Applications

Includes Rich I/O, Packet Processing and Acceleration

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - Interop 2011 --Tilera® Corporation, the leader in manycore general purpose microprocessors, today announced the TILE-Gx 8000 series targeted at networking applications requiring high bandwidth and throughput. Available in four configurations with 16, 36, 64 or 100 cores, the 8000 series includes a rich set of input/output ports, packet processing and network acceleration features. Each device is optimized for the highest demand networking applications, including intrusion prevention and detection (IPS/IDS), unified threat management (UTM), firewall, virtual private network (VPN), WAN optimizer, network monitoring, network forensics, test equipment, data leakage protection (DLP) and e-Discovery.

The SKUs and features are summarized below:

# of CoresTotal CacheI/OCryptoPower
Gx8100100 cores32 MB cache80 Gbps packet I/O
96 Gbps PCIe I/O
80 Gb Crypto55 W
Gx806464 cores20 MB cache60 Gbps packet I/O
80 Gbps PCIe I/O
60 Gb Crypto40 W
Gx803636 cores12 MB cache40 Gbps packet I/O
48 Gbps PCIe I/O
40 Gb Crypto25 W
Gx801616 cores5 MB cache28 Gbps packet I/O
40 Gbps PCIe I/O
20 Gb Crypto15 W

"Different markets demand different characteristics from a processor. Networking applications need maximum throughput and lots of I/O in a dense form-factor, while the cloud computing market wants the best performance-per-watt in order to save energy and cooling costs. And multimedia calls for a balance of high performance signal processing and I/O. We have created 3 different processor series to accommodate these varying requirements," says Troy Bailey, VP of Marketing at Tilera. "The 8000 series delivers all the critical needs for a broad range of networking applications."

In addition to the TILE-Gx 8000 series, there will be two other series in the TILE-Gx family. The TILE-Gx 5000 series will be optimized for multimedia applications and the TILE-Gx 3000 series will target cloud server applications. Details on these series will be announced in late Q2.

TILE-Gx 8000 Series Technical features
The Tile-Gx 8000 series, developed using the 40 nanometer TSMC fabrication process, can deliver up to 80 Gbps of packet processing with an extraordinary 450 billion operations-per-second on a single processor. With a range of compute from 16 to 100 cores on a single die, the TILE-Gx represents the most scalable processor family on the market. System designers can satisfy the compute needs from the very top to the low end of their product line with a software-compatible series of TILE-Gx processors.

The Tile-Gx 8000 series features an array of powerful three-issue, 64-bit cores with an advanced virtual memory system. Each core includes 32 kilobytes (kB) of L1 I-cache, 32 kB of L1 D-cache and 256 kB L2 cache, with up to 32 megabytes L3 coherent cache across the device. Maximum processor utilization is ensured with advanced memory stripping that utilizes up to 4 integrated 72-bit DDR3 memory controllers that support up to one terabyte total capacity.

The on-chip Multistream iMesh Crypto Accelerator (MiCA) system delivers up to 80 gigabits per-second (Gbps) encryption and 20 Gbps full-duplex compression processing, tightly coupled to Tilera's breakthrough iMesh™ for extremely low latency and wire-speed small packet throughput. In addition, a high-performance true random number generator and public key accelerator enable up to 60,000 RSA handshakes per second. The Tile-Gx 8000 series also includes the mPIPE (multicore Programmable Intelligent Packet Engine) system for wire-speed packet classification, load balancing and buffer management. This flexible, C-programmable engine delivers 80 Gbps and 120 million packets-per-second of throughput for handling multiple layers of packet encapsulation.

The 36-core TILE-Gx devices will begin sampling in July and the 16-core versions in August. More information on the TILE-Gx family and the 8000 series is available at

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Tilera® Corporation is the industry leader in highly scalable general purpose manycore processors for networking, wireless, and multimedia infrastructure applications. Tilera's processors are based on its breakthrough iMesh™ architecture that scales to hundreds of RISC-based cores on a single chip. The distributed nature of Tilera's revolutionary architecture and the standards-based tools, including ANSI C/C++ compiler, GNU tools and Eclipse IDE, deliver an unprecedented combination of performance, power efficiency and programming flexibility. Tilera was founded in October 2004, and now provides two product families: TILE64™ processors and TILEPro™ processors, with its latest TILE-Gx™ family launching in 2011. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with locations in Westborough, Mass., Glasgow, UK, Yokohama, Japan, and Shanghai and Beijing, China. For more information, visit or follow us at

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