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October 16, 2013 09:00 ET

Tilera Launches Scalable Family of Intelligent Application Adapters for True Application Offload in Datacenters and Embedded Markets

Open vSwitch, Network Analytics, DPI and Cyber Security Offload Delivered as a High-Performance, Power-Efficient and Compact Server Adapter

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2013) - Tilera Corporation today announced the immediate availability of the TILEncore-Gx™ family of Intelligent Application Adapter cards, with four models incorporating 9, 16, 36 and 72 cores of high-density compute. The adapter cards feature the market-leading TILE-Gx™ 64-bit manycore processors in a PCI Express form factor to enable software-defined application offload at unprecedented performance levels, scaling from 10Gbps to 80Gbps.

The TILEncore-Gx adapters are uniquely designed to eliminate data plane and security processing bottlenecks in datacenters, enabling commercial, off-the-shelf servers to keep up with exponentially growing data traffic by decoupling data plane functions from the control plane. Server virtualization further magnifies the demands on the x86 CPUs as the server compute resources are shared among the application layer, the virtualization layer and the data/security plane.

The TILEncore-Gx adapters provide a scalable, software-programmable data plane and hypervisor-offload solution, allowing the server processors to utilize all available resources for control, application and virtualization layer functionality. Powered by a linearly scaling architecture and compatible software, the entire family of adapter cards can be deployed in commercial off-the-shelf servers, reducing development costs through software re-use while accelerating time-to-market.

"At Empirix, we collect and correlate the widest array of network data and transform it into real-time actionable intelligence for enhancing customer experience, performance management and strategic business decision making," said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing at Empirix. "Tilera's TILEncore-Gx Intelligent Adapters are a perfect fit for our systems today and tomorrow, delivering full-fidelity, 80Gbps wire-speed performance, while at the same time enabling us to run sophisticated traffic monitoring and diagnostics in conjunction with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)."

Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) paradigms require solutions in which up to 70 percent of the processing workload is consumed in the programmable networking and security domains. A heterogeneous-based computing model employing the TILE-Gx processors for high-throughput network and security workloads coupled with x86 CPUs for control plane and virtualized applications results in the optimum system configuration as measured by throughput, scalability, power and overall costs.

"Fine-grained traffic visibility at 10, 40 and 100Gbps is crucial for today's networks and new service-aware architectures based on SDN and NFV," said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO at Qosmos. "The TILEncore-Gx platforms are able to completely offload our ixEngine™ DPI processing software at wire-speeds and free the host server CPU for higher-level application functions."

The TILEncore-Gx Intelligent Application Adapter family consists of:

  • TILEncore-Gx9™: 9 CPU cores, 2x10G optical, half-height, half-length PCIe adapter
  • TILEncore-Gx16™: 16 CPU cores, 2x10G optical, 4G DDR3, half-height, half-length PCIe adapter
  • TILEncore-Gx36™: 36 CPU cores, 4x10G/1G SFP+, up to 16G DDR3, full-height, half-length PCIe adapter
  • TILEncore-Gx72™: 72 CPU cores, 8x10G/1G SFP+, up to 16G DDR3, full-height, 3/4-length PCIe adapter

The TILEncore-Gx adapters are ideal for offloading L2-7 packet-processing functions along with entire packet and flow processing applications to reduce the server core utilization, increase overall application performance and extend server life cycles. The data plane offload options include:

  • 10Gbps (15Mpps) to 40Gbps (60Mpps) flow table manager with 4M flows including policy engine offload
  • 5Gbps to 50Gbps of DPI offload for cyber security and application classification
  • Up to 20Gbps of IDS/IPS engine offload for cyber security applications
  • Up to 40Gbps of Open vSwitch (OVS) offload for SDN applications
  • 10Gbps to 80Gbps of L2 and LPM forwarding offload
  • Up to 40Gbps of SSL and IPsec offload
  • Up to 64Gbps of PCIe data transfer speed
  • Support for virtualization with Single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV)

"Tilera's Intelligent Application Adapter family is the first solution in the market that enables true offload of entire applications from the x86 host processors," said Michael Zimmerman, vice president of marketing at Tilera. "This is enabled by the unique combination of high throughput compute, low power consumption, and a standard C/Linux based programming model. Other alleged solutions in the market today manage to solve only a subset of the pain points. The TILEncore-Gx family is the world's first adapter solution that uniquely addresses all of our customers' differing needs with an elegant and scalable solution."

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