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April 08, 2011 08:00 ET

Tilera Releases Updated Development Tools, Simplifying Manycore Processor Development

First General Purpose Manycore Architecture Integrated in Linux Kernel

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 8, 2011) - Tilera® Corporation, the leader in manycore general purpose microprocessors, today announced the availability of its Multicore Development Environment™ (MDE) 3.0. The new MDE is based on the recently released Linux 2.6.36 kernel, which integrates Tilera's TILE architecture into the main Linux tree. The MDE includes cross compiling and native tool chains GCC 4.4, GDB 7.1, and GLIBC 2.11.2. The 3.0 MDE provides a full Linux distribution with over 1,000 Linux packages based on RHEL6 sources.

Support for Tilera's architecture in the main Linux kernel creates many opportunities for open source developers to run their application on Tilera processors, the first manycore architecture to be supported by Linux. Tilera offers 64 cores today and up to 100 cores with the Tilera TILE-Gx™ family, coming later this year.

"I am happy to have the TILE architecture in the kernel. Tilera provides innovative approaches for manycore processors," said Linus Torvalds, Founder and Chief Architect of the Linux kernel.

With both standard Linux and a GNU tool chain, Tilera customers can shorten their time to market by:

  • using the same build infrastructure and make files
  • leveraging the community's resource and available software
  • reducing the learning curve with standard tools and software environment

MDE 3.0 is supported by Tilera's ecosystem of third party vendors offering complete solutions of hardware, middleware and applications to customers.

"The Tilera development environment is flexible, intuitive, and complete. It took us less than three hours to port our FlowTraq Exporter to the Tilera platform. We look forward to the capabilities and features in version 3.0," said Vincent Berk, CEO at ProQueSys.

"We are delighted to be part of the Tilera ecosystem, creating higher value for joint customers who build solutions leveraging network intelligence technology," said Erik Larsson, Vice President of Marketing at Qosmos. "Tilera's new software release with GNU and standard Linux is a significant milestone and enables our customers to cut their software development efforts significantly."

"We are happy to be part of Tilera's ecosystem. Tilera's processors and development environment enable development of cost-effective software solutions for computation intensive problems, in an intuitive manner. MDE 3.0, in particular, enables us to leverage our strong knowledgebase in GNU and standard Linux distributions. MDE 3.0 uses Linux that is part of the official Linux distribution and benefits from the development and usage by a larger talent pool," said Viswanatha Rao Thumparthy, Vice-President, Engineering, Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, India.

The MDE 3.0 features:

  • server distribution support for the Quanta QSSC-X5-2Q server
  • full upgrade to Linux kernel version 2.6.36 and integration into the Linux tree
  • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): GCC version 4.4.3
  • GDB debugger (GDB 7.1)
  • support for glibc, the C-standard library released by the GNU Project,
  • over 1,000 packages built from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6) sources, including the RPM Package Manager (RPM) tools
  • native boot image support
  • management software: Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) library

About Tilera
Tilera® Corporation is the industry leader in highly scalable general purpose manycore processors for networking, wireless, and multimedia infrastructure applications. Tilera's processors are based on its breakthrough iMesh™ architecture that scales to hundreds of RISC-based cores on a single chip. The distributed nature of Tilera's revolutionary architecture and the standards-based tools, including ANSI C/C++ compiler, GNU tools and Eclipse IDE, deliver an unprecedented combination of performance, power efficiency and programming flexibility. Tilera was founded in October 2004, and now provides two product families: TILE64™ processors and TILEPro™ processors, with its latest TILE-Gx family due out in early 2011. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with locations in Westborough, Mass., Yokohama, Japan, Shanghai, China and Beijing.

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