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June 20, 2012 09:00 ET

Tilera's TILE-Gx Processor Family and the Open Source Community Deliver the World's Highest Performance per Watt to Networking, Multimedia, and the Cloud

Tilera's MDE 4.0 Software Release Provides the Latest in Open Source Libraries and Tools Making It Easy, Familiar and Efficient to Develop Software on TILE-Gx Processors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2012) - GigaOm Structure -- Tilera® Corporation, the leader in 64-bit manycore general purpose processors, announced the general availability of its Multicore Development Environment™ (MDE) 4.0 release on the TILE-Gx processor family. The release integrates a complete Linux distribution including the kernel 2.6.38, glibc 2.12, GNU tool chain, more than 3000 CentOS 6.2 packages, and the industry's most advanced manycore tools developed by Tilera in collaboration with the open source community. This release brings standards, familiarity, ease of use, quality and all the development benefits of the Linux environment and open source tools onto the TILE-Gx processor family; both the world's highest performance and highest performance per watt manycore processor in the market. Tilera's MDE 4.0 is available now.

"High quality software and standard programming are essential elements for the application development process. Developers don't have time to waste on buggy and hard to program software tools, they need an environment that works, is easy and feels natural to them," said Devesh Garg, co-founder, president and chief executive officer, Tilera. "From 60 million packets per second to 40 channels of H.264 encoding on a Linux SMP system, this release further empowers developers with the benefits of manycore processors."

Using the TILE-Gx processor family and the MDE 4.0 software release, customers have demonstrated high performance, low latency, and the highest performance per watt on many applications. These include Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Routers, Application Delivery Controllers, Intrusion Detection, Network Monitoring, Network Packet Brokering, Application Switching for Software Defined Networking, Deep Packet Inspection, Web Caching, Storage, High Frequency Trading, Image Processing, and Video Transcoding.

The MDE provides a comprehensive runtime software stack, including Linux kernel 2.6.38, glibc 2.12, binutil, Boost, stdlib and other libraries. It also provides full support for Perl, Python, PHP, Erlang, and TBB; high-performance kernel and user space PCIe drivers; high performance low latency Ethernet drivers; and a hypervisor for hardware abstraction and virtualization. For development tools the MDE includes standard C/C++ GNU compiler v4.4 and 4.6; an Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE); debugging tools such as gdb 7 and mudflap; profiling tools including gprof, oprofile, and perf_events; native and cross build environments; and graphical manycore application debugging and profiling tools.

Industry Support for Tilera

"We have adopted the TILE-Gx processors and within 6 months took our complete RouterOS software stack to production by leveraging Tilera's MDE. The development tools are easy and intuitive because they provide a standard Linux environment that all my engineers are already familiar with," said John Tully, chief executive officer, MikroTik. "Using the TILE-Gx processor family enabled us to utilize the same software and scale it across our family of routers from 1-2 Gig to the high end 36 core Cloud Core Router."

"The software and support we have seen from Tilera has been excellent," said, Matthew Knight, president, Accensus LLC. "Their tools are up there among the best on the market today. Tilera's MDE coupled with their TILE-Gx processor is the only platform we have found that provides real time performance in Linux comparable to that of a bare metal programming model. Using Tilera's Zero Overhead Linux features enables us to provide some of the most deterministic processor latencies in the industry for our High Frequency Trading customers, while deriving all the benefits of the Linux platform."

"The Tilera development environment provides a full Linux distribution with the latest open source libraries, packages and tools," said Victor Julien, lead developer, Open Information Security Foundation. "Running the Suricata software on the TILE-Gx36 processor was a simple task of recompiling. It was just like running on any other Linux machine, with the added benefit of having more cores and more performance density. I am impressed that Suricata achieves 30 Gbps in a 1U platform packing 144 cores from Tilera."

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