March 18, 2014 09:00 ET

Tim Hwang Joins Imgur as the Head of Special Initiatives

ROFLcon Co-Founder Will Focus on Imgur Community Growth and Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2014) - Imgur, the fastest growing entertainment and image sharing platform on the Web, today announced that Tim Hwang has joined to drive Imgur's community efforts and special initiatives. Hwang is the co-founder of the ROFLCon conference, which celebrates the past, present, and future of Web culture, and was most recently the sole human partner at the offices of Robot, Robot & Hwang, where he researched disruptive technology and automation in the legal marketplace.

Imgur has grown over the past five years from a simple sharing tool to one of the top entertainment platforms on the Web with more than 125 million unique visitors each month. With this rapid growth comes a massive, engaged community with a very specific culture. Hwang's focus will be to grow this community, to tend to and engage with it, and help Imgur discover new opportunities and ways it can make the Imgur experience even more fun.

"Imgur's approach has always been community first with the mission to build the best possible experience for Imgurians," said Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO, Imgur. "We're thrilled Tim sees such a great fit with Imgur, and we're stoked to have him join our team. Tim's experience at the core of Web culture has given him unique access to all things awesome, entertaining, funny and weird. This is a perfect fit with our brand, and as we continue to evolve into one of the biggest entertainment destinations on the Web, Tim will be amazing at helping to energize and grow our community online and offline."

Imgur gives its community complete freedom to share their images, comment, up-vote, and create memes anonymously. Within this community, Imgurians create content of their own, share stories, ask for advice, and offer words of encouragement. Personal connections are made, and the community spirit is friendly and supportive.

"I've known Alan for years, and I'm ecstatic to officially join the team," said Hwang. "In an era where 'meme' content has become synonymous with linkbait and the listicle, Imgur stands out as a rare exception. The team has had plenty of opportunities to clutter up its site with ads or to make deals that would have brought in revenue but compromised the experience for its community; it's said no every time. It's rare for a company to remain this community-focused. I couldn't be more eager to join a group that is working to find a way to do the business of Web culture differently, and better."

"Our community has grown tremendously over the last five years, and we often turn to our users to help shape the way we build new products and features. We'd like to make sure that the community grows strong with the right people; that's why we hired Tim," said Schaaf. "Tim's experience bringing people together around Internet culture will help us as this part of our business continues to evolve."

tl;dr Tim Hwang will make Imgur's community even more awesome!

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