January 15, 2015 10:00 ET

Timeline: New Media Startup Released to Public, Putting News In Context

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - Jan. 15, 2015) - Timeline, a new media startup that puts news in historical context, launched today. Timeline aims to evolve how news is consumed, putting "history in its place" by providing the backstory of current affairs in intuitive, responsive, easily consumed timelines.

Timeline is the only mobile news app to combine atomized news stories with immersive historical timelines by an award-winning editorial team. The result is an application that encompasses the best in today's mobile news trends, connecting the dots between where we are and how we got here.

Timeline addresses today's challenge of information overload: News is increasingly consumed via mobile devices, where information is abundant, but credibility and quality are not. While more traditional journalism sources adapt to the mobile audience's swipeable, social reading style, opportunities abound for successful players designed for mobile first.

"We see a real desire for immersive, context-rich stories that go beyond the constraints of traditional journalism," says Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kalan. "Readers are increasingly unsatisfied with digital news outlets that, while mobile- and tablet-ready, often suffer from lack of depth and historical context. A smaller medium shouldn't lessen quality═╛ it should redefine how quality is crafted. Timeline allows on-the-go readers to engage more deeply with news they care about, through stories that are surprising, informative and entertaining."

"Timeline was born out of personal frustration with the lack of historic and geographic context in current affairs: so much sensationalism coupled with almost no depth," says Timeline CEO Tamer Hassanein. "With development and UX capabilities of iPhone-first products, Timeline is able to combine what people love about companies like BuzzFeed - the undeniable stickiness - and the depth of a top-tier publication."

Early beta users call Timeline stories "concise, compelling, and super-shareable". Says another, "I don't think it's a stretch to say that I'd quickly switch to Timeline as my primary source of news."

Timeline's thoughtful mobile-first design, including intuitive navigation and transitions built on interaction patterns introduced in iOS 8, offers a curated view of history that rewards and delights at every turn. Readers can engage with news they care about, discover stories by trending topics and bookmark their favorite timelines for later reading.

The team is focused on localized content for worldwide users in the near future; an impressive collection of additional features (such as machine-learning algorithms for better news discovery) is slated for release v1.5 in early 2015.

Timeline's editorial team brings together award-winning reporters, editors, scholars and authors. They have worked with some of the world's top media outlets, including Wired, Bloomberg, BBC, Foreign Policy and The Wall Street Journal, as well as award-winning publishers like HarperCollins, Springer and Phaidon. Timeline's development partner is Axiom Zen, a startup foundry that creates, scales and invests in companies on the cutting edge of technology.

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