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April 24, 2009 00:01 ET

Timeshare Resales Advertising Executive Takes on Role as Myth Buster

DOVER, NH--(Marketwire - April 24, 2009) - Sell My Timeshare NOW is a fast growing company on a mission. Led by founder and CEO Jason Tremblay, this timeshare resale and timeshare rental innovator is recognized for implementing industry-changing practices and standards.

"There has always been confusion about timeshare because of its unique business model," Tremblay explains. "But in today's fast-changing industry, misinformation is even coming from sources people should be able to rely on, like governmental agencies and consumer groups."

As Tremblay, who is committed to debunking myths and misconceptions surrounding timeshare, points out, misinformation that affects buying trends across an entire industry, also affects jobs and families, something America just can't afford.

On recent speaking trips that included European timeshare owners organization TATOC and a National Timeshare Owners Association conference in Baltimore, Tremblay is spreading his message and shooting down misconceptions.

"When a consumer protection group tells timeshare owners they need an appraisal in order to buy or sell timeshare, something is wrong. A timeshare is not appraised when the developer sells it and it doesn't need to be appraised at resale. A timeshare resale is worth as much as the market will bear."

Tremblay is concerned about the myth that there is no secondary market for timeshare resales, a point he disputes with hard statistics. attracted nearly 8 million website visitors in the first quarter of 2009, eighty percent of whom were interested in buying or renting timeshare on the resale market. "With the metrics now available to analyze website traffic, you know exactly how visitors find you. The guesswork is gone from selling timeshare," says Steve Luba, Sell My Timeshare NOW's Director of Communications.

Another timeshare falsehood Tremblay works to expose is the idea that consumers should not pay an advertising fee in order to sell timeshare. Tremblay compares this to saying consumers shouldn't pay for newspaper ads to sell a house or car. "No one can guarantee that your timeshare will sell, but if you don't get the word out to the largest audience possible, how will anyone know you want to sell your timeshare?"

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