Timothy Christian School

Timothy Christian School

April 07, 2009 13:43 ET

Timothy Christian School Students Taught to Shoulder Environmental Responsibility

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 7, 2009) - Students of Timothy Christian School exhibited and participated in science experiments during recent Science Fair and Science Day activities. These were only 2 of several activities throughout the year that focus the students' attention on the importance of shouldering their environmental responsibility.

"As Christians we believe that we are accountable for how we care for our planet," says Barbara Ubbens, teacher and Science Day organiser. "Our goal is to ensure that our students think consciously of the decisions they make and how they impact on the environment. We want them to make deliberate choices to respect and support it rather than casually use and abuse it."

Mrs. Ubbens, a forest engineer who worked for several years with the University of Toronto and the City of Toronto, is encouraging the students and their families to purchase products with less pre-packaging, reduce their use of private gas-powered vehicles and significantly reduce the garbage output by each individual.

At the Science Fair, an exhibit that showed how one small daily consumer choice can have an impact on the environment drew several curious onlookers. The experiment made a comparison of how quickly various toilet paper brands disintegrate in water. This was used as one indicator of how biodegradable each brand is relative to the others. It was a distinct reminder that each of us is a global citizen who makes a definite impact on the environment, even in the small decisions we make.

Staff representative for the TCS Spirit Club, Alice Velthuizen, was pleased to see the interest in the exhibits and the enthusiasm displayed by students and visitors during these events.

She says, "Science Day and the Science Fair help students to use their science and research skills to better understand the earth and how to care for it. Spirit Club hopes the Earth Day activities will alert students, parents and teachers to practical earth friendly changes that can be made to daily routines. For Earth Day the Spirit Club will be encouraging students to bring litter-less lunches to school for an entire week. We will also begin a school composting program which will allow us to divert items like apple cores, fruit peels and paper towels from the garbage."

Timothy Christian School is committed to equipping and empowering its students to make positive contributions to their world, whether in small everyday activities like reducing the use of materials that are not easily biodegradable, or in even more significant decisions and actions.

Visit our website at www.TimothyCS.com/sciencefair2009 to find out more about the school and the activities that are part of its approach to environmental education.

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