SOURCE: Tiny Pixels Technologies Inc.

February 14, 2017 12:00 ET

Tiny Pixels Shortens Wait for Web Content Delivery With On-Demand Image Rendering

Tinypx provides timely image rendering for websites and mobile apps, businesses can roll out new marketing initiatives faster

VANCOUVER, BC --(Marketwired - February 14, 2017) - Tiny Pixels Technologies Inc. announces the launch of Tinypx, a real-time Cloud solution for manipulating Internet visual media with an easy URL-based API. Tinypx dynamically manages image transformations, speeds up content delivery and improves download performance, without additional infrastructure.

Tinypx provides timely image rendering capabilities so businesses can rapidly roll out new marketing initiatives. The real-time solution can dynamically render large volumes of images to automate resizing, cropping or application of text overlays, watermarks and special effects filters. Tinypx streamlines manual processing on a scalable basis and extends the creative potential of websites to enhance customer engagement.

"Images are vital to web businesses, and content optimization is essential to audience engagement and conversion," says June Chen, founder and CEO, Tiny Pixels Technologies Inc. ( "Tinypx significantly shortens the wait for content delivery. Imagine the practicalities of real-time image processing in vast volumes, quickly and efficiently. You could spend less time coding and focus more on adding value to your content."

With 60% of over 1 billion websites worldwide comprising image content that gets 94% more views than content without images, content optimization is key for speed and quality. Tinypx is a customizable service that makes it easy for businesses to change content often, on-demand and in real time, with no changes to existing infrastructure and no migration of image storage required. Tinypx is offered on a subscription basis with transparent pay-per-usage pricing options.

"Visual content gets shared 40 times more than text does on social media, and over 60% of consumers are more likely to click on search results containing images," says Ms. Chen. "To keep pace with Internet growth, businesses need effective high-volume image management. Tinypx addresses this need by improving business value for marketing as well as the web development process."

About Tiny Pixels Technologies Inc.: Established in 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia, its Tinypx solution focuses on visual web content optimization with a practical, real-time Cloud solution for leading edge image processing.

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