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June 29, 2011 14:33 ET

Tipper Tie Chooses Pilz Automation Safety L.P. for Safety

CANTON, MI--(Marketwire - Jun 29, 2011) - As the premier supplier of packaging, clipping, and clip machinery throughout the world, Tipper Tie is committed to sustaining a leading edge position in automation and safety for its customers. Recognizing the importance of safety for both customers and its employees, Tipper Tie has chosen to partner with Pilz Automation Safety, also a world leader in its field, to achieve a high level of safety integrity that Tipper Tie's customers and employees have come to expect.

The challenges in meeting today's safety standards are more difficult than ever. And meeting those standards in the most effective and efficient manner can be particularly complex. Rising to this challenge, Pilz Automation Safety's PNOZ Multi safety controller is being used and was selected as the optimal safety solution for monitoring devices such as safety gate interlocks and emergency stops buttons. Pilz Automation Safety's PNOZ Multi family provides the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity and facilitates a very powerful safety positioning for Tipper Tie's target markets.

The flexibility and expandability of a programmable safety relay controller, such as the Pilz PNOZ Multi, translates into a common and scalable safety solution that is capable of meeting a variety of safety challenges on any machine design. It also affords a platform on which Tipper Tie could design changes to accommodate changing market requirements. Moreover, Pilz's PNOZ Multi features useable diagnostic information which is unmatched by any other product offering. Thus, Tipper Tie is assured that its customers have the maximum safety flexibility and machine availability. Lastly, the PNOZ Multi's ability to communicate over an Ethernet based network is a feature that helps Tipper Tie to distribute diagnostic information from the PNOZ Multi to a variety of HMIs and PLCs. This capability gives machinery operators the ability to easily determine machine safety status. It also optimizes troubleshooting processes to minimize engineering and technician resources.

Tipper Tie is the premier packaging, clipping, and clip machinery company throughout the world and it has chosen Pilz's PNOZ multi as an important safety controller in its machine design. Two photos are available which highlight Tipper Tie's use of this controller in a panel and an HMI image.

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