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December 08, 2010 13:09 ET

Tips to Avoid Your Picture and Video Being Censored When Uploading It to a Social Network During Holidays

After Screening Millions of Pictures, Content Moderator Caleris Offers Advice to Prevent Online Content From Being Axed by Social Sites

DES MOINES, IA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) -  Caleris, a leading business process outsourcing provider, announced today general tips consumers should be mindful of this holiday season when uploading a picture or video to a social site. Over the past several years of moderating user-generated content (UGC), Caleris' content moderators have reviewed millions of pictures. During these reviews, Caleris found that there were a handful of general tips that consumers should be mindful of when it comes to taking pictures and videos during the holiday season.

Tips to Avoid Being Censored

Nudity: Yes, taking a picture of a fully nude toddler to share with friends and family during the holiday season, no matter how innocent the purpose may have been, can still get axed from appearing on a social site.

Animal cruelty: While it may be a joke to you, a cat being electrocuted by an open wire from the Christmas tree lights will certainly get pulled from a site.

Sexually explicit: Sometimes mistletoe incidents can go from rated 'PG' to rated 'NC-17.' While you may be taking a picture or video that you think will be a good a laugh with your social community, to others it could raise an eyebrow and be deemed explicit.

Hate: Too much alcohol at a holiday event, coupled by a lack of better judgment, can sometimes cause someone with loose lips to get in trouble. Using racially-toned and defamatory remarks in personal videos, even if it was just considered a joke, can get content removed from a social site.

"Holidays have a way of undermining our better judgment and so it's important that consumers are aware of what content could be considered a violation of social sites content policies," said Rick Grewell, co-founder of Caleris. "As people move more of their personal lives online, there's a greater chance that an individual's personal tastes in what videos or pictures are appropriate doesn't mesh with their social site's policies that oversee what is published."

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