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October 23, 2007 08:01 ET

Tira Wireless Debuts Mobile Content Lifecycle Management Solution

Teams with J2ME Polish, Mobile Complete and Bango to Provide an Intuitive Solution for Mobile Application Development and Market Delivery

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 23, 2007) - CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2007 (Booth #1250)- To address the enormous complexity faced by developers and publishers in bringing content and applications to the mobile market, Tira Wireless today announced its solution for Mobile Content Lifecycle Management.

For developers that are new to the mobile sector - including creators of social networking (Web 2.0) applications, location-based services (LBS), and other Web-based content - the race is on to get their applications into the hands of three billion plus mobile subscribers globally. To help developers understand the steps involved in embracing the mobile market, Tira Wireless has identified seven key stages in the mobile content lifecycle, including: market planning, design, development, adaptation, testing, channel readiness and distribution. The company is also partnering with best of breed technology and service providers and delivering tools like Tira Jump 2008 that together create a comprehensive Mobile Content Lifecycle Management solution.

"The mobile phone is the most pervasive computing environment on the planet, and developers now realize that their success hangs in the balance unless they can replicate their online experiences for the mobile market," said Doug Barre, CEO of Tira Wireless. "While some developers may explore WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) as a basic entry point, the reality is that consumers will more readily embrace a rich and highly interactive application on their mobile phone. But creating a downloadable Java ME title requires confidence, easily accessible tools that are also easy to use and great depth of knowledge of the intricacies and nuances that epitomize the mobile industry. That's where the Tira Mobile Content Lifecycle Management solution comes in."

The Stages of Mobile Content Lifecycle Management include:

- Market Planning - The first step is to ensure that market factors affecting distribution and revenue projections, such as geographies, carriers and handsets, are considered up front and continue to be considered throughout the lifecycle of the application.

- Design - A significant challenge when taking applications mobile is optimizing the design for the wireless environment. Different screen sizes or keyboards and other design considerations that are unique to the mobile platform require tradeoffs that will allow broad compatibility while delivering a rich user experience.

- Development - A primary consideration during the development phase is to ensure applications are coded with portability in mind.

- Adaptation - Unlike the desktop computing world, where platforms are standardized (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux); and the Web world, where content can be accessed from any browser, mobile applications must be deployed on widely varying devices which have different screens sizes, keyboard layouts, processing power, etc. Applications must be ported to each different handset and for a global launch, hundreds of application versions may be necessary.

- Testing - There are logistical challenges (and cost constraints) in acquiring the necessary handsets and gaining access to mobile operator networks around the world for complete testing and quality assurance. Solutions for successful testing include outsourcing, operator network signal simulators and on-device remote testing solutions.

- Channel readiness - Preparing content for delivery to consumer channels is a critical step in the deployment process. When selling applications through mobile operators, it is important to understand that carriers have specific rules and protocols for preparing and delivering applications.

- Distribution - For mobile content providers to achieve desired business objectives, an infrastructure that enables the purchase and download of applications to mobile phones is required. Distribution mechanisms must include billing processing, marketing metrics and delivery capabilities.

Tira Wireless Mobile Content Lifecycle Management Solution

Tira Wireless' solution for Mobile Content Lifecycle Management is comprised of a portfolio of tools, processes and best practices that help manage the creation of mobile content and speed its delivery to market. It includes:

Tira Jump 2008 (Market Planning/Adaptation/Channel Readiness): Re-designed with usability in mind, Tira Jump 2008 breaks new ground by greatly improving the user experience and providing a simple and highly efficient way for any developer, including those that are new to mobile, to embrace and realize the full potential of this rapidly growing market.

Tira Jump 2008 includes the Jump Developer Desktop, which manages the development, porting and optimization of applications. Unlike previous versions that required specialized training and professional services to get up and running, this latest release is intuitive and easy to use so developers can immediately take advantage of its core features. The Jump Developer Desktop will be available as a free download (Go Mobile Edition) that can be used to create a single application for commercial use on up to 12 market-leading handsets.

Tira Jump 2008 also includes the Jump Deployment Manager, a hosted application that includes modules for deployment planning, task management, content delivery, asset management, and deployment status.

J2ME Polish (Development): Tira Wireless has integrated the popular J2ME Polish open source application development framework from Enough Software (www.enough.de) into the Jump Developer Desktop. J2ME Polish provides a suite of tools for developing, designing and building mobile applications. Main features include powerful user interface components (GUI), a persistence framework as well as solutions for client-server communication. By creating Java ME applications with J2ME Polish, developers will be able to more easily port their content to hundreds of mobile phones using Tira Jump 2008.

"Teaming up with Tira Wireless enables our customers to transition from manually maintained device ports to a globally scalable solution," said Robert Virkus, CEO of Enough Software and lead developer of J2ME Polish. "We're excited to be part of this new initiative that will bring many new entrants into the mobile marketplace."

Mobile Complete (Testing): Tira Wireless has also teamed with Mobile Complete (www.mobilecomplete.com) and is now providing developers with virtual access to hundreds of real mobile handsets for cost-effective, on-device/network testing through the DeviceAnywhere™ hosted online service. Users of Tira Jump 2008 get five (5) free hours of access to DeviceAnywhere. Developers can launch the service from within the Jump Developer Desktop, and login, acquire handsets, and use an over-the-air (OTA) service to download an application onto a remotely hosted handset for testing and validation.

"There are a significant number of organizations out there looking to make a mobile play but don't know where to start," said Faraz Syed, CEO of Mobile Complete. "Tira Wireless is providing these companies with a one stop shop to facilitate and streamline their move to the mobile handset. At the same time, Tira Wireless has recognized Mobile Complete's DeviceAnywhere solution as a critical ingredient within the mobile ecosystem and we are excited to be partnering with them to help more brands go mobile."

Bango (Distribution): Tira Wireless has signed an agreement with Bango (www.Bango.com) to provide services that enable anyone around the world to access and pay for a developer's content - quickly, easily and directly from the convenience of their mobile phone.

"The final step in the mobile content lifecycle is distribution to a ready and eager marketplace. Without this, businesses cannot monetize their creative and unique mobile experiences," said Adam Kerr, VP North America at Bango. "While the complexity of this market has previously been a barrier to maximizing its potential, with the right combination of tools, partners and processes in place, reaching the masses on the mobile platform is achievable. As a member of the Mobile Content Lifecycle ecosystem, we are proud to be a part of this momentous Tira Wireless launch."

About Tira Wireless

Tira Wireless provides application developers and publishers with a portfolio of tools, processes and best practices that help manage the creation of mobile content and speed its delivery to market. The Tira Mobile Content Lifecycle Management solution helps overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of mobile deployment by facilitating the marketing planning, design, development, adaptation, testing, channel packaging and distribution of mobile content. By teaming with best of breed technology and service providers such as Bango, Mobile Complete and Enough Software (J2ME Polish), Tira Wireless enables organizations such as Warner Bros., THQ Wireless, Yahoo, Accuweather and Loopt to more effectively embrace the mobile market. Founded in 2001, Tira Wireless is a venture-backed company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toronto, Chicago, London and Ukraine. Visit www.tirawireless.com for more information.

About J2ME Polish - Enough Software

Enough Software was founded at the end of 2004 with the vision to ease the development of mobile applications. The core product, J2ME Polish is a development solution that overcomes the device fragmentation barrier and provides design, customization, persistence and rapid development features for Java ME developers. With a highly active community, more than 400,000 downloads and a book published by Apress, J2ME Polish is the de-facto standard for mobile developers worldwide. Visit www.j2mepolish.org for more information.

About Mobile Complete

Mobile Complete offers solutions for managing mobile handset proliferation. Its unique Direct-to-Device™ technology provides access to and interaction with real mobile devices connected to live global networks. The Internet brings these remote devices and networks directly to users' desktops. Through a simple desktop interface, users can press device buttons, view LCD displays and listen to ringers and speakers. Overwhelmed by the diversity of handsets? Need to test your mobile applications and services on foreign handsets and networks? Want to share your handsets with the global developer community? With our DeviceAnywhere™ suite of products, you can create a virtual development and testing lab for your global developer community. Your handsets, connected to live networks, will become accessible to developers from everywhere in the world. For more information, visit www.mobilecomplete.com and www.deviceanywhere.com.

About Bango

Bango delivers the technology that makes the mobile web simple for everyone. Bango created the world's first global exchange for the mobile web. By providing a common integration point for brands, businesses and individuals, Bango removes the complexities that make the mobile web difficult to exploit. Through Bango's global exchange, content providers see all users as a unified global community. Users easily discover and access the widest range of content and the world's leading mobile operator's partner with Bango to give their subscribers the widest choice. Billing providers, search engines and advertisers are automatically connected to content providers in Bango's global exchange. Bango has offices in USA, UK, Spain and Germany and is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM:BGO). Learn more at www.bango.com.

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