Tira Wireless Inc.

Tira Wireless Inc.

April 24, 2007 08:02 ET

Tira Wireless Radically Transforms Mobile Development and Deployment With the Release of Tira Jump 2007 Platform

Latest Release of Technology Platform Delivers New Code Re-Use and Collaboration Capabilities; Greatly Accelerates Delivery of Mobile Content to Operator Decks and Consumer Channels

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA--(CCNMatthews - April 24, 2007) - Tira Wireless, the premier provider of technology and services for the mobile market, today announced Tira Jump 2007. This latest release of Tira Wireless' flagship technology platform is designed to accelerate the time it takes developers and publishers of mobile content to get new titles to market. New features provide significant productivity breakthroughs in Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) content development and deployment by enabling code re-use, collaboration and interoperability.

New Component Model Drives Code Re-Use

The latest release of Tira Jump breaks down time to market barriers in deploying mobile content to global markets by introducing a new component model called Jumplets. These customizable, encapsulated, intelligent components assist developers in addressing common issues, such as fixes for consistent device incompatibilities or re-usable features. Developers can create Jumplets for common actions upfront, and code can be encapsulated into components that can be used over and over again to accelerate the development process and deliver cost and time savings.

Getting content from the development stage to an operator's deck, content portal or other consumer channel continues to be a time consuming process. Estimates place the porting of content alone at 40 to 60 percent of all resources allocated to the development of a single title.

"Research has proven that the faster content providers get their titles into consumer channels, the greater chance they have of getting prime deck or portal placement and the greater opportunity there is to generate significantly more revenue," said Tony de la Lama, SVP, Product Management and Marketing at Tira Wireless. "Tira Jump 2007 delivers significant productivity breakthroughs that help close this gap between development and deployment."

Collaboration Drives Consistency

In this latest version of Jump, Tira Wireless also introduces collaboration and interoperability features that enable content providers to leverage and extend the value of development teams and existing systems. Jump 2007 includes a shared and searchable component repository that enables developers to submit, version and retrieve components, including tagged and ranked Jumplets, from the Developer Desktop client. All developers on the team have access to the repository to increase collaboration and consistency.

Interoperability Provides for a Flexible Development Environment

Jump 2007 has been architected so content providers can extend the platform and interface seamlessly with other technology systems. This enables users to take full advantage of any existing technologies that are in place and work in a way that is most efficient for them. For example, by incorporating the Ant build system into the platform, Ant tasks created for other functions within a content provider's IT environment can now also be used in Jump 2007, and vice versa. Since the Developer Desktop is built as an Eclipse plug-in, Tira Wireless customers can quickly and easily integrate Jump 2007 into their existing IT environments. In addition, interoperability is enhanced through the use of Jumplets, which can be used to encapsulate functions from other systems in the content provider's environment.

"Navigating the waters in such a complex and fragmented market can be daunting for anyone entrenched in the creation of mobile content. But Tira Wireless is changing the rules of engagement by providing a comprehensive solution that streamlines all facets of the process," said Tobin Lent, CEO of Punch Entertainment. "Jump 2007 offers new features that ease and streamline the incredibly challenging task of deploying mobile content to a vast number of devices across carriers globally. Tira Wireless has taken a big step forward with Jump 2007 and effectively addresses the needs of the most active mobile content providers to ensure quality and timely carrier deliveries." Punch Entertainment participated in the Tira Jump 2007 beta test program.

Tira Jump 2007 Benefits

- Leverage Team Resources Including Best Practices: Extend the power of development and porting resources by simplifying routine tasks and introducing best practices where approved and standardized components can be leveraged.

- Interoperability Drives Productivity: Fits seamlessly into existing environments using Eclipse and Ant, and enables teams to continue to use proven tools and processes such as bug trackers and build systems.

- Built-in Mobile Expertise: Tira Wireless has created and maintains the most comprehensive device knowledgebase in the mobile industry. Stemming from years of hands-on experience working with different devices and operators, Tira has more than 1,000 devices profiled, and a library of thousands of idiosyncrasies and workarounds captured, along with information on channel packaging requirements.

- Accelerating Content Development: Brings application development and deployment closer together by re-using code and creating reference components that can speed the deployment process.

Tira Jump 2007 will be released to market on May 5th, 2007. For pricing information, please contact sales@tirawireless.com.

About Tira Wireless

Tira Wireless provides a unique combination of technology and services designed to greatly reduce the complexity of developing and deploying mobile content. Its Tira Jump platform accelerates the development, porting, optimization, certification, and delivery of mobile content, including games, applications, ringtones, wallpaper and screensavers. Tira Wireless is the deployment partner for the world's leading mobile content developers, publishers and mobile operators, including Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Mobile, THQ Wireless, T-Mobile, Helio and TELUS Mobility. Founded in 2001, Tira Wireless is a privately held, venture-backed company with offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Seattle and London. Additional information is available at www.tirawireless.com.

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