Tira Wireless Inc.

Tira Wireless Inc.

April 22, 2008 08:00 ET

Tira Wireless Transforms Mobile Development Landscape with the Launch of 'Tira modd'

Device Database Delivers a Wealth of Technical Information to Help Mobile Developers Maximize Market Reach and Profitability

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - Tira Wireless today announced that its extensive device database is now available to mobile developers and publishers around the globe through its latest offering, Tira modd(TM). The culmination of more than six years of research and development - including extensive experience porting over 500 mobile applications to create more than 30,000 unique builds - Tira modd is the most comprehensive source of in-depth handset information on the market today. This continually growing database currently contains data on 17,211 unique device/operator combinations from more than 1,257 handset models offered by 54 manufacturers.

"Our comprehensive device database has always been at the heart of our industry-leading content porting and deployment solutions," said Juan Dewar, CEO of Tira Wireless. "By making this resource available to the mobile community, we are helping level the playing field for new entrants to the market and dramatically lowering the overall costs of mobile content creation."

Unlike application development for more traditional computing platforms - e.g. the PC or the Web - mobile development requires in-depth mobile device knowledge to plan which devices, operators and geographies to target for development, porting and successful deployment. The high cost of building and maintaining a broad and deep database that is continually updated as new handsets are introduced to the market puts it out of reach for the majority of content providers who want to get their applications onto mobile phones. The cost of acquiring devices can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars; and the man hours and complex systems required to build, validate and maintain the data is equally as expensive. Tira modd provides an effective, reliable solution to this problem at a fraction of the cost.

"Developers will appreciate our in-depth characterization of each device and the way in which operating environments, such as Java ME (the most ubiquitous mobile application environment, have been implemented. For example, we make it easy for developers to understand the various Java APIs, configurations and unique implementations on this global mobile platform," explained Dewar.

Tira modd is available in three versions:

- Standard Edition: Available as a downloadable client for Windows PCs, with advanced query and data export capabilities;

- Enterprise Edition: An open API offered as a web service for developers looking to integrate the database into applications; it also includes an OEM option for customers that want to re-sell the data;

- Go Mobile Edition: A web-based version, freely available to members of the Tira Go Mobile Community.

"As a mobile ad network serving top brands and media properties, Greystripe has to ensure that our products work flawlessly across as many handsets as possible. Achieving this goal has been made much easier, thanks to Tira modd," said Andy Choi, CTO and Founder of Greystripe. "Acquiring the same handset information that Tira modd provides would incur huge costs, in terms of both man hours and handsets. Now that we have Tira modd at our disposal, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our roadmap of mobile ad products."

In addition to being the most complete device database available in the market, Tira modd is also open. This mobile open device database platform combines tools and processes to acquire, characterize and share mobile device data from around the world. For example, automated Device Profilers (which will be available at the Tira Go Mobile Community developer portal at the end of April) can be downloaded onto mobile handsets and used to acquire device information which is validated when submitted to Tira Wireless. Using these built-in mechanisms, members of the developer community will be able to contribute data to Tira modd on an ongoing basis.

Tira modd is backed by a dedicated device team that is constantly profiling new devices and validating device characteristics acquired from multiple sources, including handset manufacturers, mobile operators and the broader community. With all data being vetted for accuracy and quality, the database is billed as the most reliable source of device data.

"Device knowledge is key to our mobile deployment plans. For an efficient development and deployment system, we need to have a thorough knowledge of target devices in the market and the operators who support those devices," said Salil Bhargava, CEO of Jump Games. "Now, with Tira modd, we have this wealth of device information at our fingertips. This will definitely ensure our processes will undergo radical change, our global deployments become much more effective and our execution vastly smoother."

Additional information on Tira modd is available at http://www.tirawireless.com/modd.

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