SOURCE: Tire Recycling Coalition of Ontario (“TRCO”)

Tire Recycling Coalition of Ontario (“TRCO”)

November 28, 2013 17:11 ET

The Tire Recycling Coalition of Ontario Welcomes the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association

The Tire Recycling Coalition of Ontario ("TRCO") is Extremely Pleased to Announce That the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association ("OARA") Will Be Joining Our Fight Against the Changes Proposed by the Ontario Tire Stewardship ("OTS") to Ontario's Used Tire Recycling Program ("UTP")

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - November 28, 2013) - In July of 2013 the OTS proposed drastic and potentially devastating changes to the extremely successful UTP. The UTP has been touted as Ontario's most successful recycling program boasting a nearly 100% diversion rate with 50 million tires recycled since the program's inception in 2009.[1] The UTP has also been responsible for the clean-up of more than 500,000 tires in stockpiles across Ontario.[1]

The positive impact of the UTP is not limited to only the environment. Due to the development of the UTP, Processing and Manufacturing companies have directly invested more than $70 million in Ontario which has created hundreds of jobs for Ontarians and doubled the Province's capacity to process used tires. Despite all of this the OTS has proposed changes that threaten its continued success. Under this new program there are multiple areas that will no longer have tires picked up and the Processors and Manufacturers who recently invested in Ontario may have to move their operations to other regions, causing a negative impact to the environment and the economy.

The TRCO came together in July 2013 in an effort to stop the potentially devastating changes to the UTP. The TRCO is comprised of Ontario's leading Haulers, Manufacturers, and Processors and represents more than 85% of Ontario's tire processing capacity. The TRCO's mission, as key stakeholders of a very successful tire recycling program, is to ensure the continued success of the UTP, maintain the 100% diversion rate, and continue investment in Ontario's economy.

Therefore, the TRCO is very pleased to announce that OARA has decided to join our fight against the changes to the UTP. "We are pleased to join the coalition to work towards the enhancement of an already successful program to manage scrap tires in Ontario. Auto recyclers collect a significant number of tires from end-of-life vehicles, and we have been active with OTS since the beginning of the program." says Steve Fletcher, Executive Director OARA. The OARA processes end-of-life vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner, removing and managing a range of potentially harmful operating fluids and toxins, such as mercury and lead. Auto recyclers have been protecting the environment and saving consumers money for over 100 years.

[1] Ontario Tire Stewardship: UTP Incentive Program Change Consultation, July 10, 2013.

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