SOURCE: National Association for the Self-Employed

National Association for the Self-Employed

March 18, 2010 11:36 ET

Tired of Tracking Business Miles by Hand -- We Have an App for That

TripAlly for iPhone Uses Built-In GPS to Create Your Mileage Log

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - March 18, 2010) -  New iPhone application TripAlly tracks, calculates and records miles driven to create the ultimate tax-deduction mileage log. Whether you need to track miles for your small business, charitable contributions, for employee reimbursement, or simply because you want to know, TripAlly can help.

TripAlly follows your entire trip using the iPhone's built-in GPS -- not just your starting and ending address -- and stores mileage reports by purpose, month and year. Created by the National Association for the Self-Employed, TripAlly is the perfect solution for real estate agents, sales and delivery people, and anyone needing to record round-about routes for tax and reimbursement purposes.

Start each trip by simply touching the green "Start" button. The GPS pings location every .3 miles for an accurate record of the entire trip. At the trip's end, assign a trip purpose, save it as a favorite route for easy repeats, and view your day, month and yearly mileage total. TripAlly even allows for manual trip entry by address.

Best of all, TripAlly is free to use on a trip-by-trip basis. Download the app and TripAlly will show a single trip's miles, allowing you to keep track of the miles you drive in your own mileage log.

For a full mileage log, TripAlly can track everything for you. Register to get all TripAlly features -- categorize your trips, assign favorite routes, add manual routes, view trips by month and year, and print reports at your convenience. TripAlly makes it easy to track your business mileage deduction and expenses, all directly from your handheld device for only $9.99.

Registered Features:

  • Round-about route? TripAlly pings your GPS location every .3 miles, not just your start and end location. Great for real estate agents, sales agents and anyone needing to track the miles they drive!
  • Go somewhere frequently? Save your route as a favorite, and add your trip to your total trip history with one touch.
  • Want to store more information? Categorize your trips by purpose, and add notes.
  • Forgot to add a trip? No problem -- add one manually by entering your starting and ending locations, or repeat a favorite route.

There's more at!

  • Misplaced mileage log? Never a worry again with TripAlly. All the trip information for registered users is backed up online automatically! Access the information anytime.
  • Not sure what to do next? The NASE can help answer your business mileage questions, such as what line to record the miles on different tax forms, and the latest IRS mileage rates.
  • Make a mistake? Edit your trips easily and quickly online.
  • Afraid of an audit? Don't worry about supporting your mileage deduction thanks to TripAlly. Store all your trips for the entire year, view and print reports at any time!

Record the miles you drive, and maximize your business tax deductions or business reimbursements with TripAlly. Download TripAlly at the iTunes App Store.

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