November 14, 2011 19:09 ET

Tired Trucking Can Be Fatal Warns Swinton Commercial

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2011) - Swinton Commercial is warning truck drivers to make sure they take sufficient truck stops on long journeys to stay safe behind the wheel.

The business insurance broker surveyed 1,200 online customers and found that 7% of truck drivers have admitted to briefly nodding off behind the wheel on at least one occasion in the past five years. Worryingly, one in five (21%) of truck drivers declared that they do not take enough regular breaks, despite guidelines stating stops should be made every two or three hours on a long haul journey.

Truck drivers who operate in the road haulage industry will have a Tacograph fitted to the vehicle as a legal requirement. This device records the speed of a vehicle and whether it is stationary or mobile at any given time. This ensures that haulage officials can enforce rules regarding drivers working hours and ensure they take the recommended required breaks when on the road.

For truck drivers who do not operate in the haulage industry but may still spend long hours on the road Swinton Commercial has put together the following tips to avoid accidents and any costly truck insurance claims:

  • Plan journeys in advance allowing plenty of time for regular truck stops

  • Before a long haul journey try and get a full eight hours sleep the night before

  • Avoid overnight journeys between the hours of midnight and 6am as this is the time when alertness is naturally at its lowest

  • Keep a regular supply of fresh air by opening the window where possible

Jolene Shaw, Technical Referral Advisor at Swinton Commercial, said: "Driving tired can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases fatal. It is vital that truck drivers take regular breaks especially if they are on a long haul journey, a break every two to three hours will be enough to keep them alert on the roads."

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