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November 25, 2013 10:32 ET

'Tis the Season to #ReGiftForGood

Startup WebThriftStore Launches Campaign to Inspire Generosity Turning Unwanted Gifts Into Cash for Charities

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - November 25, 2013) - WebThriftStore, an online charity fundraising platform, today announced the launch of its #ReGiftForGood campaign to entice people to donate their unwanted holidays gifts to charity.

In the past, regifters were shunned as outcasts, forced to carry out their regifting misdeeds in dark alleyways while wearing disguises. And woe be the regifter who forgot to remove the nametag before doing the regifting -- they would never live it down.

But fear no more! Regifting has never been more socially acceptable. You no longer have to feel bad about regifting that sweater or those gift cards you will never use. #ReGiftForGood TODAY by donating that unneeded gift to a nonprofit at WebThriftStore, where it will be bought by someone who actually wants it, with the sales proceeds benefiting charity. You can even choose the cause that your regifting will support!

Now, even if your regifting is discovered by the original gifter while they are shopping on WebThriftStore, you can face them honestly and guilt-free. You were only thinking of THEM when you regifted their gift, because you knew they would appreciate that the proceeds are supporting a good cause. Everyone wins -- you, the original gifter, and especially the charity.

"Everyone has received an unwanted holiday gift at some point," said WebThriftStore CEO Doug Krugman. "Everyone knows that awkward feeling where you have to pretend that you like that shirt that you don't need or that perfume that you're allergic to. Now you have a place to regift them and feel good about it! We've turned regifting into a truly rewarding experience at WebThriftStore."

About WebThriftStore

WebThriftStore allows any nonprofit to set up an online thrift store without holding physical inventory and with no financial risk. We turn excess stuff into cash for charities, tax deductions for donors, and bargains for shoppers. It's a way for shoppers and charity supporters to do good, and for charities to engage supporters without asking for money. Item donors receive tax receipts for 100 percent of the value of their donations, prepaid shipping labels, free shipping supplies, and free pickup from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Any registered 501(c)(3) charity can partner with WebThriftStore to open its own dedicated online store, with no up-front or subscription fees. 

Other WebThriftStore nonprofit partners include American Heart Association, ASPCA, Bark and Meow Foundation, Biblical Life Ministries, Children's Brain Tumor Foundation, Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, Create Arts Workshop for Kids, Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, Generation Rescue, Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Maccabi USA, MAG America, National Geographic, New York Cares, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Ronald McDonald House New York Tri-State Area, Seventh District Foundation, and Urban Upbound.

WebThriftStore is privately owned and is headquartered in New York City.  

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