Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.

Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.

September 21, 2005 10:30 ET

Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.-Update on Kosciusko Drilling Operations

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 21, 2005) - Titan Oil and Gas, Inc. (TNOG:OTC) is pleased to provide the following update on its Kosciusko # 1 Well drilling operations.

Titan CEO Kent Jacobson reports: "A cement plug was set in preparation for drilling to our target zone. The drilling rig was appx. 100 feet beneath the bottom of the casing, and was dressing the cement plug in preparation for directional drilling. A sudden loss of mud circulation, perhaps due to a fissure, caused a buildup of cuttings that led to the drill bit being stuck.

"Acid was pumped down the 7" casing to dissolve the concrete around the drill bit. Also, acid was pumped through the 2 7/8" tubing. Afterward, a wire line crew fired a string shot to back off one joint above the drill collars, and the remaining drill string was freed.

"Upon further investigation, it seemed that the stuck bit was due to shale heaving into the hole, therefore, for the past few days we have switched to a mud system and have been thoroughly cleansing all cuttings and debris before proceeding further. As of the close of operations on Monday, the mud was clear of cuttings and debris.

"Yesterday, we successfully fished out the remaining portion of drill string. Cement is being poured today, and the directional drill crew is slated to commence work tomorrow, for an anticipated 3 days."

Titan Operations Manager Pete Maupin reports from the site: "The hole has cleaned up very well since we switched to a mud system. We had some delays as, with the high price of oil, mud and water trucks are in very short supply and operations take longer than in times past. We look forward to the arrival of the directional drilling crew to get us down to the target area, where we expect to find significant oil and gas deposits.

"Also, the 7" diameter casing in this well is very valuable, as most wells in the area are only 4 1/2" diameter. Beyond the significant oil and gas deposits we expect to find as we conclude this phase of drilling, there is a further horizontal drilling target for this well that is available to us in the future. The large, 7" diameter casing allows for horizontal drilling operations which would be very difficult in a smaller-diameter casing. The Stanley # 1B Well also has a large, 5 1/2" diameter casing which will more easily facilitate horizontal drilling."

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